ezTalks teleconference makes communication more unimpeded

From the network video conference since the advent of the major enterprises to solve the long-distance meetings, shorten the distance, reduce the time of high-tech innovation continues to rise, the video conferencing system more and more perfect function, but the use of quality. Remote attend the meeting, but found no network?

Want to use smartphone to attend, but there is no WIFI nearby?
With 3G, 4G mobile network, the data signal is weak, unstable, not on the conference room? How to do??

I believe that many video conferencing users will have the above problems, despite the WIFI hot, 3G, 4G in the operator’s momentum under the ferocious, but the reality of mobile network coverage is far from the market so perfect. Signal blind spot, poor stability, insecurity and other issues is endless. In this case, the user can really efficient and safe meeting?

In the user experience the Internet age, ezTalks combined with market demand, from the user point of view, the introduction of upgraded version of the cloud conference products, into the phone access function. Really allow users to efficient, safe, anytime, anywhere remote participation in the meeting.

Communication is everywhere, the perfect combination of telephone and cloud meeting

EzTalks based on the core products – cloud conference, the new “telephone access” feature, the perfect combination of telephone and cloud meetings, to create a cloud network is not entirely dependent on the network. The new system allows users in the absence of network signals, or remote areas without 3G, 4G and other mobile networks, but also real-time access to emergency remote meetings, convenient and quick.

Open up the remote communication data communication “dead”
1. Call stability – the use of PSTN communication technology, to achieve carrier-class call quality, so that the call becomes stable, safe, clear voice;
2. a key to enter – no need to enter the cumbersome access number and password, by the meeting organizer a key invitation, on the phone will be able to attend
3. a key group call – back binding user account, a key group call, the system automatically dialing invitation
4. Hardware zero input – users do not need to buy any conference equipment, just mobile phone or landline will be able to use.
5. Cost-effective – one-way charges, telephone participants are free of charge, reduce communication costs

After the launch of the product also collected customer response problems, although the software to save the cost of dialing, but if there are participants in the middle of the dropped calls also need to re-dial the speaker can join the cause of interrupted the situation.

Therefore, in the conference call on the basis of the addition of the phone call function. Participants only need to call ezTalks platform phone. Enter the conference room invitation code can quickly join the meeting. Cost is the call to call the Beijing landline call Fees charged by the operator.