Emergency command system to become a water traffic security “reassurance”

In recent years, water traffic is moving in the direction of large-scale, high-speed development, the degree of congestion is self-evident, major water traffic accidents have occurred, to the water life and property safety made a serious challenge. When water traffic is dangerous or other catastrophic events occur, it is necessary to control developments and eliminate dangers and accidents as much as possible and to minimize the hazards of traffic accidents to human lives, property and the environment. To this end, the establishment of a set of water traffic emergency command system is the most important.
Release manpower, concentrate on decision making
V2tech emergency command system can achieve audio and video, network, protocol, equipment, media and location of the exchange. Speed ​​up the response to emergency response, streamline the implementation of important alarm events, so that people do not need to manage the details of the communication, which can concentrate on decision-making.
Based on the network, breaking the tradition
Based on the mature IP network, to protect the number of users is no longer the constraints of the previous hardware scheduling, but also in line with the development of the trend of the times, highlighting the single voice mode scheduling situation, the use of multimedia form, the command, scheduling, Illustrations show out, so that scheduling more intuitive, more effective.
Status supervision, timely notification
Emergency command system state supervision, to ensure the moment to master the staff online and call state, when the accident occurs, can be directly targeted for its operation, such as the strong, demolitions, etc., to ensure that the first time to contact the dispatcher to contact personnel.

Call list, choose to answer
The dispatcher can choose which person to answer according to the list of calls, or who to reply first, so that the maximum degree of improvement of the dispatcher accident, when busy, ordered a lot of energy to answer different leaders or different departments of the inquiry, Resulting in scattered energy, can not concentrate on scheduling command work.
The emergency command system for daily production work to provide communication support at the same time, but also have the ability to face contingency emergency command. Combined with existing video conferencing, video surveillance, voice telephone system, and communication resources, to create multimedia, panoramic view scheduling command mode.
In the case of daily communication, the user can realize the seamless free internal communication of the wired and wireless telephone terminals. The video communication between the video telephony and the remote dispatching station can be quickly set up, and the video surveillance image can be pushed directly to Videophone, remote dispatch desk view.
In the emergency situation: the system through a scheduling interface to achieve the video surveillance images, 3G / 4G soldier, video phone, wireless handheld terminal and other video terminal scheduling, voice calls and view video images; let the leadership at any time to understand the scene Situation, illustrations show, easy to order directly. Also supports WIFI terminal registration management, direct enrichment emergency repair means, through a variety of means of communication to the accident in the shortest possible time to exclude.
In today’s increasingly evolving technology, the V2tech emergency command system enables a variety of business applications to achieve efficient, timely, accurate and flexible remote communication applications. Emergency command system system has been put into operation, with its excellent audio and video effects, comprehensive and stable architecture design, simple and easy to use man-machine interface, efficient and practical data collaboration capabilities and comprehensive management and control mechanism has been recognized and praised the industry.