Jiangsu Province Agricultural Bank of the full deployment of V2tech video conferencing

With the continuous development of market economy, a variety of economic activities are also active, as a variety of economic and industrial chain of the core and important support units, the financial and insurance industry in recent years has also been rapid development. But the rapid development of the same time also brought other challenges and shocks, competition in the field of financial insurance is increasingly manifested as high-tech competition. High-tech can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprises, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs, and these are the key to winning the financial and insurance institutions.
In the era of rapid development of the information age, the need for timely and major policy guidelines, especially economic information in a timely manner to all over, while the information around the feedback to the decision-making departments, as well as various types of decision-making up, the discussion between the various departments, If you use a centralized meeting, it will take a lot of time and money. Through the construction of video conferencing systems, more effective communication. Based on the video conferencing platform, real-time transmission of high-definition images and voice, so that the exchange of more intuitive. Through the video conferencing system, you can attract more people to attend the meeting. In addition, the use of video conferencing to carry out research, the program is developed, you can always add some delegates at any time, really brainstorming. Through the data meeting, can be achieved: the economic information, work report delivery; drawings, documents and information transmission, interactive comments, analysis; slide transmission and modification functions.
User needs
1, decision-making meeting
The convening of different regional leaders of the meeting to speed up the decision-making strategy of important departments at any time to convene internal meetings, improve work efficiency, reduce travel costs, reduce business travel time and effort, “time is more important than money”;
2, branch and branch offices and other institutional meetings
Through the existing internal network branches, branches, branch offices and so on. Software video conferencing can be distributed in different areas of the conference room, the company’s high-level desktop system unmatched together, can be real-time to see each of the venue of the dynamic images and timely statements. Network conditions are not good enough, or can not access the Internet users can even phone, mobile phone to join the form, the leadership into your discussion, improve efficiency.
3, business training, human resources recruitment
As the most valuable asset of the enterprise, the continuous improvement of staff business ability is the prerequisite for the growth of enterprises, the importance of internal training for enterprises to pay attention. Anytime, anywhere off-site training, without the need for location and site constraints, fully meet the remote training of various courseware sharing, multiple choice questions, interactive Q & A and other needs, and can be recorded through the preservation of training materials for other students at any time to learn.
4, network face face sign, conference live and so on
For the enterprise a lot of large regular meetings or business seminars, more users only need to listen to watch, and do not need to interact, just broadcast the conference can be.
For the current insurance, the banking industry, face to face sign system has become a necessary measure, so the network face to face the signing system will be his supplement.
Jiangsu Branch is the largest and most effective one branch of the Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd., which is also the leading branch of the main business indicators in Jiangsu. Jiangsu Branch is now under the jurisdiction of the provincial branch business department, Suzhou branch and other 13 second branch, 114 primary branch, 1547 business outlets, cloth with 4521 self-service equipment, serving 27,000 people, relying on a wide range of network outlets System, a full range of financial products and convenient and reliable means of information technology for enterprises and the public to provide quality, safe and efficient all-round financial services.
system structure
As a pure software network video conferencing system, V2tech Conference system provides users with a comprehensive, common multimedia communication platform, through the audio and video hardware peripherals appropriate choice and conference bandwidth and other resources to meet the reasonable, the system can provide more Class-level video conferencing solutions that enable different applications from desktop to conference room level.
System diagram