Mobile information deployment promotes video communications cloud services

With the rapid development of mobile Internet technology, enterprise office mobile trend is more and more obvious. Gave birth to the enterprise “video” to connect all the cravings of these cravings, bringing more than 200 billion video conferencing market share. Mobile information research center CIO ecological survey shows that 47.1% of the respondents said that mobile performance for the business to bring a great role in promoting, and that it can significantly enhance the communication between enterprises and customers efficiency, market and brand building The role of significant. 58.7% of the respondents said they are being deployed or have begun to test the mobile office system, and these mobile office systems and business integration is very close, the next step on the overall mobile information deployment of the enterprise will be fully launched The
Video communications services into a new blue ocean, the potential is huge
Video conferencing as one of the most important communication tools, real-time two-way transmission of video, audio information communication technology, conference participants can be more intuitive, true “face to face” exchange. With the development of enterprise cross-regional business and enterprise information, fine business needs to improve, business users need to use video conferencing systems in a timely manner to communicate business. Enterprise office is also moving towards the mobile and cloud forward, mobile office needs to enhance the traditional video conferencing short board gradually revealed.
First of all, the traditional conference room needs to deploy a large number of hardware devices, and the need for private network, the installation of complex, difficult to deploy.
Second, different brands of video conferencing equipment is difficult to achieve interconnection, resulting in information island.
Again, due to hardware equipment, network deployment and other high cost, to the operating costs of SMEs caused by pressure.
Finally, most of the traditional video conferencing can only be confined to the conference room, real-time poor, causing a lot of inconvenience.
The video chat cloud service will limit the video communication needs that are limited to the conference room. Compared with traditional hardware devices, video communication cloud services can provide hardware services comparable to the hardware services, but also has the economy, flexibility and other hardware devices do not have the property: no need to deploy proprietary networks and equipment; business users can press Need to buy; support multi-terminal multi-device.
Video communication cloud services can help business users or individuals at any time, anywhere, through any terminal equipment, convenient, efficient, cost-effective to hold or participate in a multi-party network video conferencing, thereby enhancing cross-regional manpower management, teamwork efficiency, At the same time, reducing travel and conference costs is seen as a new norm in the mobile Internet era. The market has given a strong signal, video conferencing is still a huge demand, but the user interest gradually from the traditional hardware video conferencing began to shift to software and cloud-based solutions. So video conferencing is no longer just the traditional sense of hardware-based communication tools.
V2tech, focused on video communications cloud services
We all know that the traditional hardware video conferencing needs to be codecs through the MCU to achieve voice and picture presentation, V2 video conferencing technology in this way in no way inferior, relying on the industry’s leading video codec technology to support 1080P HD, Hardware video. And do not need private network, WIFI environment can easily meet, bandwidth less occupied. At the same time, V2 video conferencing has been deployed in the global distribution of the conference node, but also for enterprises in the network deployment, conference access more secure. V2tech long-term deep-paced video cloud communications field, through a strong technical advantage in the video communications cloud competition blue ocean to obtain the dominant position. The average daily customers to use Vios products to meet the number of government and government more than tens of thousands of typical customers including the Bank of China, the People’s Bank of China, China Post, Sichuan Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Fujian Post Office, China Medical University Affiliated Hospital, Chia Tai Group, Beijing University of Technology and other large industry customers.
In the mobile trend, video conferencing is also constantly “convenient, mobile” development. We hope that V2tech will produce more powerful potential energy under the catalysis of the big trend, and provide more economical, efficient and convenient communication service for enterprise users.