Public transport dispatch emergency command system for the “two sessions” escort

Every year in March, the “National People’s Congress” and “the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference” (referred to as: two sessions) will be held in Beijing, the two sessions of China’s society as a whole collection of information and ideas, related to China’s economic and social development plan. As a major event in the political life of the people of the People’s Republic of China since the year of 2017, in order to ensure that the “two sessions” are held smoothly in Beijing, various departments of the government are vigorously deploying security and security work to effectively prevent and deal with all kinds of emergencies.
Today, the “two sessions” is in full swing, “two sessions” of the security work has also entered a critical stage. Public transport emergency command work As an important part of the “two sessions” during the security stability, Beijing Public Transport Corporation in order to effectively prevent and respond to all kinds of emergencies, adopted a more intelligent, more perfect three-dimensional social security control means.
In the Beijing bus dispatch emergency command center hall on the big screen, the real-time operation of public transport vehicles, traffic information, passenger traffic … all kinds of bus operation data panoramic view. According to the staff, the platform integrated operation business management, emergency command and dispatch, monitoring and early warning, analysis and judgment functions in one, to support the daily operation of the bus monitoring and coordination management, as well as emergencies under the alarm, information processing, emergency command and dispatch Management, in order to meet the normal monitoring and supervision under the emergency response to the needs of the disposal of the bus for the production and operation of the bus group provides a strong guarantee.
Beijing Bus Dispatching Command Center
V2tech flexible emergency command system
Multi-network convergence scheduling V2tech emergency command system can dispatch IP network, PSTN, 3G / 4G, GSM, CDMA, WiFi, WiMax, TD-LTE, digital cluster, satellite network and other network terminals to achieve multi-network convergence scheduling. Can be a variety of standard scheduling terminal call, intercom, broadcast and conference scheduling operations, but also can be different standard network call bridge, to achieve real “network” scheduling.
Multi-facsimile system supports simultaneous sending and receiving multiple fax, confidential fax, customizable mass sending, regular sending function, support automatic reception of faxes, automatic reminders and send fax priority settings, automatic queuing function.
Video return video dispatching system can return the scene monitoring image and the smart phone image back to the command and dispatch platform, and through the integrated emergency command system to achieve the front-end image back distribution, to assist the command center leadership based on real-time decision-making image.
Peaceful combat can usually be contingency scheduling system, administrative office system into one, each independent operation, do not interfere with each other. In case of emergency, the administrative office telephone is all included in the emergency dispatching system to improve the response range of the emergency command.