V2tech Launched cloud conference services, so that office more efficient and more convenient

More than the government cloud low price winning event has been able to cause the industry controversy, behind reflects our government cloud service market has entered the market outbreak period, the government service to the cloud computing platform migration speed is accelerating. Cloud computing has become an important guarantee for China to enhance the level of government administration and tap the economic potential. In fact, in addition to government cloud, the current cloud computing applications are gradually from the Internet industry to manufacturing, finance, transportation, health care, radio and television and other traditional industries penetration and integration of development, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional industries. Faced with a huge market demand, how can domestic technology companies do not resort to all means?
V2tech cloud conference services is the perfect combination of video conferencing and cloud technology, V2tech is based on cloud services technology to provide a high-quality, convenient, low-cost form of the meeting. Users can quickly and efficiently communicate with real-time video and voice from teams or customers around the world and share data files simultaneously with the Internet interface of the V2tech cloud conference platform for easy-to-use operations.
high quality
Users can enjoy the unique patented technology to create high-definition, ultra-high-definition video and high-fidelity voice transmission, to achieve immersive face-to-face real-time communication, and efficient sharing of documents.
Users no longer need to go through the cumbersome software installation, hardware equipment debugging process, just download a simple client, use a key login, you can easily remote conference.
low cost
Completely different from the hardware video conferencing and general software spending, the user only a very cost-effective price, you can enjoy 7 * 24 free communication.