Cohesion of open source, ezTalks and Huawei “encounter” Postgres China User Conference

December 12-13, 2014 Postgres China User Conference held in Shenzhen Nanshan grand, from nearly 300 information industry, the technical elite, scientific research experts gathered for Postgres management training, new processing technology, application cases and transport Dimensional, program development and other major issues of the depth of analysis and exchange. Huawei, ezTalks with the conference as the first partner on the same stage “encounter”, activities through the ezTalks cloud conference for the whole high-definition live, set off a discussion of open source data boom.

Postgres China User Conference 2014
PostgreSQL gradually become “public criticism of the”, Tencent, Arizy to share

The conference was sponsored by domestic PostgreSQL volunteers, hosted by Chinese users, mainly for IT managers, database operations and database developers, to promote the rapid development and application of PostgreSQL in China.

At the conference, from the Huawei, EMC, Tencent, Alibaba and other enterprises of several senior experts talked about PostgreSQL, to share where, Tencent, Alibaba, telecommunications equipment manufacturers, telecom operators and other industry applications, as well as Postgres latest features , Tuning methods, application migration and other aspects of valuable experience for the participants by the doubts.

Remote participant
It is understood that Postgres after 15 years of development, with a strong enterprise-class features, is the most advanced open source relational database. With the country’s increasing emphasis on information technology and information security, to the trend of IOE, PostgreSQL in the domestic market has become increasingly prominent, and gradually become a new choice of people relations database. Over the past two years, including Tencent, Alibaba, where the network, Keith network, including more and more well-known enterprises began to use PostgreSQL, it is learned that in Japan there are more than 60% market share.

EzTalks cloud conference HD live, cohesion open source power

EzTalks, Huawei as the sponsor partner of this year’s Postgres China User Conference, the two sides do their best to meet the meeting, by the organizers, participants of the force of praise. The two-day conference in the “cloud” launched a remote high-definition live, more than 500 postgres followers through ezTalks cloud conference room to receive remote training, we focus on open source database, and the scene guests conducted a “face to face” The exchange.

EzTalks remote live
“No time to personally to the scene, so choose a remote participants. Not only quickly get the latest Postgres information, and from the most experienced database experts from the zero distance of the exchange, but also met a lot of industry friends.” One to Beijing From a company’s PostgreSQL developer online.

This time, the line activities will be synchronized through ezTalks cloud conference 1080P HD broadcast, received the acclaim of the participants. The organizers also revealed that the cooperation is very complete, looking forward to the future will have more opportunities to jointly create a greater concurrent, more efficient digital business meetings, make full use of ezTalks cloud conference live technology to break the time and space constraints of communication.