ezTalks released a new hardware video conferencing, capture the market high ground

The Internet has contributed to the vigorous development of software, video conferencing as an efficient remote communication tool, also experienced a transition from hardware to software. But the hardware video conferencing still has its own natural advantage exists.
In this customized era, in order to meet the needs of different customers and enrich their product line, network video conferencing first brand -ezTalks (www.fsmeeting.com), relying on the existing cloud conference products, introduced a new upgrade version of the hardware Video conferencing system. The new hardware video conferencing system based on the advantages of retaining the cloud meeting, to provide users with more choices to meet the individual needs of customers.

Integrated video conferencing solution

EzTalks hardware video conferencing system mainly by the conference micro-control unit MCU + video conferencing terminal + audio and video input and output devices, and through the Internet and the original software video conferencing system to achieve seamless docking, thus creating an integrated video conferencing solutions.
Integrated video conferencing solution
In the program, the user can choose to access the meeting through the hardware terminal, you can also access the meeting through the PC client, if the trip can also access the meeting through the mobile side, even in the absence of the network, you can also by phone Way to access the meeting, you can really achieve a full coverage, no dead meeting, allowing users to anytime, anywhere will not miss any important meeting.

A variety of different access terminals, but also allows customers according to their use of the scene, the use of the environment, the company budget and other factors for flexible choice.

Support a variety of meeting scenarios

Point-to-point meeting

To achieve any two points / party between the video conference held. Meeting size and hardware infrastructure by the user’s own decision, ezTalks software platform is to ensure the stability of the meeting is fully compatible with the application effect.
Support a variety of meeting scenarios
Multi-point meeting

The application mode can be held in the main venue and part / all sub-venue of the global video conferencing. Can be used for the entire unit or a department of the whole regional meeting, can be used for other one-to-many multi-environment mode of communication, meetings and so on. Such as group work meetings, publicity and education activities, departmental meetings, special meetings and job reports.
Multi-point meeting
Multi-group meeting

The system supports multiple groups of conference functions. The conference organization can be set according to the need, and the conference does not interfere with each other. Including a meeting between the various agencies, leaders at all levels and leaders of various departments, such as: a leader to listen to the various departments, subordinate units led by the work report, so that a leader can make the most important events to understand and deal with; Departments, subordinate units between the point-to-point work exchange meeting.
Multi-group meeting
EzTalks hardware video conferencing system features

HD video conferencing: based on H.264 video coding standard, to provide different video standard source format, bit rate, frame frequency rectangular image of the effective coding, video resolution up to 1080P, frame rate of 30 frames.
Lip sync: audio support G.722.1 / AMW-WB and other coding standards, the encoder uses 16KHZ frequency sampling, for complex network conditions to provide multi-rate coding (6Kbps ~ 32Kpbs), the actual network with different intelligent adaptability; , System stability, lip sync, no intermittent, frame loss, delay and other phenomena, built-in echo cancellation, audio noise reduction, automatic gain, quiet detection and other functions.
Ultra-low bandwidth: single video 10Kbps ~ 3Mbps traffic to meet the needs of a variety of complex network users;
Multi-conference room Concurrency: Support for simultaneous meetings. , Each meeting room consists of different people, held a different content of the meeting. Support multiple groups of meetings coexist, and can increase the number of conference rooms according to user needs. Each meeting room supports up to a thousand people at the same time. A single meeting room supports multiple group meetings, which can be grouped separately.
Multi-type document sharing: Supported formats: Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, PowerPoint, TXT, BMP, JPEG, CAD and so on. You can also draw any of its pages in an open shared document
Mobile access: whether it is mobile or ipad side, as long as the mobile side and MCU in a network, you can participate in the meeting.
Multi-screen output: support for dual-stream function, which can simultaneously display data streams in two output devices, another display video stream, single user support access up to 6 video capture source.
QOS network adaptability: with strong network adaptability and a variety of QOS safeguards mechanism to reduce the impact of network instability on the meeting. Unique super error correction technology, in the network up to 30% of the case of packet loss, to ensure continuous audio clear.
High security: the use of MD5 irreversible encryption technology and multi-level rights management and other security mechanisms to ensure that the user conference security, improve the firewall and NAT traversal function: through the built-in SNP protocol, directly through the firewall or NAT equipment, complete public and private network Between the business interoperability.
High stability: through the pressure test, 7 × 24 hours of continuous operation, the stability of the equipment to meet the carrier-class standards.
EzTalks hardware video conferencing system, continues its powerful audio and video interaction and data interaction, combined with embedded hardware terminals and one of the mouse and keyboard operating equipment, to provide users with a more convenient video conferencing experience.