Wendu education together ezTalks held “2014 million people Kaoyan public welfare lecture”

November 3, organized by the text of education and ezTalks organized by the “2014 million people Kaoyan public lecture” in Wuhan Huazhong University of Science and Technology Gymnasium was held, this lecture and the past is different from the 200 cities in the country hundreds of thousands of students But also like the scene in general to participate in interactive, such a large-scale lectures, through ezTalks remote training platform “cloud classroom” to achieve.

Event organizers said that such a large-scale remote video interactive lectures in the country is the first time. More than 100 media from home and abroad have reported on this lecture and distance training innovation model. “The ezTalks cloud classroom is a new model of distance learning, which creates a new era of teleconferencing in remote training and a milestone in the industry.”

ezTalks official told reporters that “cloud classroom” is based on cloud computing technology, an efficient, convenient, real-time interactive remote teaching form. Users only need to log ezTalks cloud classroom software, you can quickly with the rest of the world students, teachers, parents and other different users to share the “voice, video and teaching courseware.” EzTalks cloud classroom system security and stability, video clear and smooth, can give students a high quality communication experience, but also has a large capacity of concurrency, which can support hundreds of thousands of people online lectures.

Lectures on the scene, from the text of the education of all the teachers and students through the ezTalks “cloud classroom”, a comprehensive explanation of the examination papers structure and score rules, and introduced the latest situation in 2014 and the exclusive interpretation of the concept of exam research and development outline. Reporters came to the Luohu in Shenzhen, the text of education, see the entire venue of the PubMed students are watching the video live, smooth and fresh transmission, sound better, there is a feeling of immersive. The scene of a junior college from Shenzhen University Kobayashi told reporters that she had just set up a college entrance examination when the goal, had wanted to go to Wuhan to listen to the lecture, and later listen to the students said in Shenzhen can also listen to lectures, feeling through This cloud class lectures are relatively novel, and the effect and to the scene is no different. Organizers also told Kobayashi, “cloud class” also has a recording function, after the meeting will be sent to Kobayashi content. In addition, some students of Kobayashi watched the lecture in school by ezTalks cloud classroom.
Site text education Shenzhen, a teacher told reporters that the activities of the text have been held for 15 consecutive sessions. This year’s activities, innovative communication mode, the use of ezTalks cloud classroom remote live interactive, so that more than 200 cities across the country can visit the lectures live, and ezTalks improve the powerful cloud classroom system, in the Kaoyan expert lectures At the same time, but also to synchronize the teacher’s whiteboard and courseware. Both in function, or influence have reached an unprecedented height.

It is understood that ezTalks is the brand video conferencing brand of Shenzhen Huasui Ruitong Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is a national dual-soft enterprise and high-tech enterprise, China’s top 100 e-government enterprises, the largest “cloud conference” service operator in the Asia-Pacific region, Video, video training, remote monitoring, video and other video services, and has access to “video conferencing software all-around star”, “China’s IT market, the most growing products,” “video conferencing users satisfied with the first brand”, “e-government Recommended brand “,” China Computer newspaper editorial selection award “and many other honors.

The ezTalks cloud classroom hosted the “2014 million people Kaoyan public lectures” of the 200 cities in the tens of thousands of remote training to quality products and services to the participants has been well received, stability and clarity is the industry has been Highly acclaimed. In addition, 200 cities and tens of thousands of people through the ezTalks cloud classroom system interactive participation, creating a new era of remote training applications.