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4 Major Unified Communications Trends of 2017

Unified Communication aims to include software that can support both synchronous communication tools and asynchronous communication tools so that the end users can use any computing device to access all the communication tools easily. In order to encourage unified communication, new trends are introduced every year like unified communications trends 2015. Today

5 Benefits of Teleworking

Teleworking helps employees to work from their home or from any local center two or more than two days each week, utilizing communication tools like modem, fax, teleconferencing, phone, IM,
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CES Day 1 is over and the trends are already clear

The CES show floor doesn’t open until Wednesday, but the conference kicked off tonight with CES Unveiled, a more intimate (aka small, dense, and noisy) event where an eclectic mixture of companies come to preview their new products. This is where you see some of the show’s wackier announcements, like a self-watering pot for
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