Most of the web based video conferencing solutions provide audience interaction features for webinars, dynamic security solutions and integrations with CRM software and marketing automation. This software can be used by remote staffs or teams for the developed collaboration, productivity and communication. Here top 10 web conferencing solutions are introduced for you.

1. Zoho Meeting

Web conferencing and online meetings are fast growing area online because a lot of businesses prefer to connect with partners and clients remotely. Zoho Meeting is the easiest and cheapest web video conferencing solutions and remote help applications found. It offers single users and big and small size companies, an easy and rapid method to host and do cheap and secure online meetings. You can avail Zoho Meeting to make or join a meeting on the internet and your customers can join from any place.

zoho meeting

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a web conferencing solution which lets you conduct or become part of the meetings on the internet. It decreases the limitation between you, partners, clients and other affiliates who might be very distant. It does not matter about the place that they arrive from. You can get a virtual discussion which is hosted over different solutions through the internet. This web conferencing tool creates it easy to create a team that is trustworthy and collaborates with you at the time of online meetings. ezTalks web conferencing and collaboration solutions are free and unlimited. You can avail the tool for a lifetime and you can even improve to the premium model.

eztalks cloud meeting

3. Cisco WebEx Meeting

Cisco WebEx Meeting can enable you attain good business outcome through highly productive, engaging meetings. With Cisco web conferencing solution, teams can coordinate anywhere, anytime. You can also streamline the meeting procedure with a centralized online area for sharing information about online meetings. It is easy to organize, make and follow up for each meeting. It also provides premier performance, scalability and integration flexibility which even reduces the total expenses of ownership.

Cisco WebEx Meeting

4. Citrix GoToMeeting

Citrix web conferencing solutions contains a google calendar plug in and Microsoft outlook. Placing this software permits you to include meeting to the occasion in the calendar, you can even invite email contacts. This solution provides what it invites a personal meeting room. You can make a personalized URL which is easy to keep in mind. Rather than trying to remember the particular details and access code, you can often simply enter the meeting room. Video call, audio call or a screen sharing all dealt on the fly at the time of the meeting.

Citrix GoToMeeting

5. Microsoft Skype

Microsoft web conferencing solutions are mainly constructed to work with mobile devices and computer systems. Hence it facilitates with windows, android, Mac OS x, iOS and windows phone. Latest updates are like the ability to view whether contacts are online or offline and whether or not the customers are busy in a meeting. You can even avail Skype like a VoIP tool like calling up to 25 attendants. If you are utilizing Microsoft Skype and related enterprise features of VoIP, you can now connect to a different types of SIP capable devices and handsets.

Microsoft Skype