There are several web conferencing companies that have packages made to suit specific company needs. Whether it is a small or a large business, you can find a web conferencing vendor that will help you chose what is best for you. Here is a list of some of the top web conferencing companies available and their features.

1. Microsoft Skype for Business

This is a web conferencing provider that allows up to 250 people in one meeting. This means that it is perfect for large companies with many employees. It connects to PC/Mac, tablet or phone with quality audio and HD video calls. What makes this the best web conferencing for business is that it provides up to 50GB of Email and as much as 1TB space for users file storage.

Skype for business works together with other Microsoft office tools such as power point to give an even better meeting experience.

skype for business

2. ezTalks

This web conference company boasts of having a good number of video collaborative tools which make it among the best in the web conferencing industry. It can host an unlimited length of meetings of up to 100 people per meeting. High quality audio and HD video conferencing, instant screen and file sharing, a white board, recording and playback. Other features include private cross platform chat, meeting arrangement and scheduling and management and control features.

It is available for Mac, Windows and Android and therefore has no limit to which location an employee can attend a meeting.


3. iMeet

It allows connection to Android, Windows and Mac through the app. A meeting can be attended on the go from a tablet or smart phone. iMeet provides audio and HD video conferencing, quick sharing of files and presentations, allows private peer to peer voice and video calls and it can support up to 125 people per meeting.


4. Electromeet

This is free windows based software that can easily be downloaded to your mobile phone or desktop. It enables live online meetings for webcasts, conferencing, webinars and eLearning. This is multipurpose software that can be used for small and big businesses alike. Some of its features include recording and playbacks, App sharing, a whiteboard and chat messaging.


5. Lifesize

Lifesize is a web conference provider giving HD video, audio and web conferencing that enables businesses to connect and collaborate easily. Some of the features that prove that this software was built for business include; screen and file sharing, meeting sharing, recording for meetings, a calendar for scheduling and organizing meetings, connection to desktop browser and mobile apps for meetings on the go, and high security features protecting your privacy and information.


The technological world is ever changing and businesses are using this technology in making their work easier while saving operational costs. Web conferencing for businesses has many advantages including saving time and saving money which can then be put back in the company to increase production. There are many web conferencing options for small business as well as large companies. Web conferencing vendors are readily available to give advice on the best providers to suit every business or company’s needs.