There are so many different types of web conferencing software available in the market. You can also select one according to your needs. Each tool has its own characteristics. Some tools are available as freeware and for the others, you need to pay. If you are planning to use recreational web conferencing tools, you can choose a free tool. If you are looking for a web conference tools for business purposes then you can buy a model to suit your needs. To help you save the work site, we have 5 best web conferencing tools for you listed below.

1. AnyMeeting

This is fantastic free web conferencing software, with features that easily match your paid counterparts. Depending on the ads, you will use a minimum of advertising to support this tool, but not obtrusive hosts or attendees. It allows events up to 200 people and has key features such as:

●Screen sharing
●Telephone conferences
●Recording sessions
●Tracking feature

It is web-based software, all you need to do is only download a small add-on and you can share the screen (the host page). No download required for the participants, so also those who are behind a firewall should be able to attend meetings of AnyMeeting.


2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a cloud-based video conferencing solution offering SMEs and large companies a unique platform that provides online communications and collaboration. The integration of video and HD audio, multi-platform chat, and an innovative slate, ezTalks aims to provide a complete and easy-to-deploy solution to use video conferencing. To effectively communicate, users use ezTalks with high-definition audio and video team and instant messaging functionality. With ezTalks video conferencing, users in areas like law, health and finance can easily organize meetings, training, and seminars online. To improve the productivity of users, ezTalks promotes collaboration tools, including an innovative whiteboard and instant screen.

In addition to video collaboration, ezTalks supports recording, playback and programming, which allow users to share recordings easily and effectively recall memories to people the schedule for upcoming sessions and questions. ezTalks gives users the ability to host or visit sessions from any mobile device, tablet, or laptop with native mobile apps for iOS and Android. The most important features of ezTalks are:

●Co-annotation feature
●Management of documents
●Instant messaging
●Private and group cha
Collaboration tools
●Collaborative review
●Collaborative workspace
●Live video conferencing
●Video and HD audio
●Recording and playback
●Streaming presentation
●Planned meetings
●Communication management
●Multi-channel communication
●Secure data storage
●Security and encryption

eztalks cloud meeting

3. Vyew

Vyew is a product that has free versions and low cost. The free version is rich web conferencing software functionality that goes beyond basic web conferencing. However, it is as easy as using other free web conferencing tools. It takes a few hours to familiarize yourself with the controls and functions that you will be using. One major advantage is that it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and works flawlessly on these operating systems. The key features are:

●Supported in every webinar to 10 participants
●It allows free video conferencing.
●You can create meeting rooms that are saved and always left
●Online collaboration


4. Mikogo

Mikogo is great free software for the web conference. Where its interface is missing in appearance, it’s more than functionality. Leave a maximum of 10 participants to the session at once, Mikogo has all the essential features that make it a useful tool for an online meeting. Properties include

●Meeting recording
●Switching between moderators
●The ability to pause the screen sharing (great when you open a document in a private folder, for example).

But perhaps its most useful feature is the ability to control the quality of the session – ideal if you want to save bandwidth.


5. BuddyMeeting

BuddyMeeting is an open source tool that can accommodate 25 people to get together at once. It supports voice, video chat and has several useful features such as slate, action slides (PowerPoint and PDF) and screen sharing. It uses Flash, so no download required assuming that you installed Flash Player on your computer (it is a free add-on). One drawback with this software is that it supports the recording and playback sessions. However, this function should be available in the near future. It is a reliable tool with a simple user interface, both for those who host their first online encounter. The features include:

●Support of voice chat
●Video chat
●Action slides
●Screen sharing