At Highfive we fully embrace the “bring your own device” BYOD policy. We give each Highfiver a desk, 30″ monitor, and $5,000 to buy whatever he or she needs to be productive. What would you buy if you had $5k? I often work on the go so I picked up a sweet MacBook Air, Jawbone earpiece, and an iPhone 5S.I find I can work from anywhere with those devices plus a bunch of cloud services including Google Apps, Dropbox, Evernote, and Adobe Creative Suite. But I was curious to see how my teammates’ BYOD preferences compared with my own. Melissa, our Head of Culture, anonymized and aggregated our BYOD spending data. While this data may not be statistically meaningful, I think it provides unique insights into the equipment preferences of entrepreneurs working in fast growing startups.Highfivers love processing power. 89% of their budgets go towards high-end (and often custom) computers while only 11% goes toward tablets, phones, and other accessories. In contrast to all the talk about the post-PC era, we do not have a single Highfiver that has foregone a computer in favor of a post-PC device. About 1/3 of Highfivers buy tablets but use them only as PC supplements. However, we have had multiple Highfivers buy more than one computer. Highfivers also don’t want to miss out on future gadgets as they save 18% of their budgets for future purchases.The most popular accessories:Logitech web camsBeats by Dre headphonesThe most unusual BYOD purchases:Remote control helicopter3D printer (syndicate is only partially funded)Standup desks for work and homeWhat are your favorite BYODs?