Two months ago we added our awesome new HDFaces feature to our GoToMeeting app for iPad to coincide with Apple’s release of its third-generation iPad. It’s amazing how quickly people are adopting it, and now massive numbers of people are joining GoToMeeting sessions from their iPhone or iPad!But we haven’t stopped tinkering with it: We figured out how to optimize the GoToMeeting app for the new iPad retina display. That means even clearer, more vibrant video quality no matter where you join the meeting from.Check out this video of the GoToMeeting app for iPad to get a better idea of how it works.We love the revolutionary ripple of GoToMeeting for iPad. Now that people can download the free app and join a face-to-face meeting – while also viewing the presenter’s screen – from anywhere, customers are finding even more ways and reasons to collaborate. Our customers are using HDFaces on the iPad to deliver patient care, show whiteboards to remote colleagues and customers, demonstrate moving physical objects in the field and much more.Here’s a reminder of what GoToMeeting for iPad can do:See up to 6 meeting participants with HDFacesJoin a GoToMeeting session in seconds by tapping a link in an email.View presentations, mockups and reports – whatever the presenter shares on-screen.Share HDFaces video from the front or back camera on the second- and third-generation iPad.See who’s presenting, who’s talking and who else is attending.Chat with individual attendees or the entire group.Connect to audio through your Internet connection (WiFi or 3G/4G) or dial in over the phone.Try it out today – the new GoToMeeting app for iPad app is available free from the App Store. If you’d like to start hosting GoToMeeting sessions from your Mac or PC, a free 30-day trial is available at