Have you ever browsed the Citrix GoTo Developer Center? We created it in late 2011 as a resource for building integrations with the Citrix GoTo products. And now Citrix customers are beginning to see the fruits of this effort.We have collaborated with key third-party software providers and developers to offer integrations between GoToTraining and your learning management systems (LMS). Here’s what happens when you use them: You save time, improve the efficiency of your learning processes and increase your productivity.Two roads to integrationGoToTraining integrations are being developed using custom integrations and LMS-agnostic integrations.Some LMS providers are building custom integrations with GoToTraining for use with their solution. One great example of this is the GoToTraining integration developed by Vitalect for their Techniq University LMS. This integration is tightly woven into the workflow and processes offered by Techniq University.The LMS-agnostic approach is a new and, we think, unique approach to providing integrations developed by Intelladon. Intelladon Cloud Connector integrations leverage SCORM or AICC to transfer information between GoToTraining and virtually any LMS – at a fraction of the cost, time and effort of custom-built integrations.Both the Vitalect Techniq University and Intelladon Cloud Connector integrations are available now. For more information about the Vitalect integration, please call Vitalect at +1 650 265 7542 or +1 510 468 4191, or email them at contact@vitalect.com. To learn more about the Intelladon Cloud Connector, please contact your Citrix Online sales representative or account manager.Photo Credit: opensourceway