We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve changed our name from Parlay Labs to Highfive™. Over a year ago we had a vision about a new way to communicate at work. We placed a big bet on our wild idea and brought together a like-minded team that wanted to join the parlay (hence the stealth name, Parlay Labs).For the last twelve months we’ve been working hard on our product while searching for the perfect name. We brainstormed thousands of ideas across 58 languages with no success (well, at least we now speak a little Azerbaijani, Galician, and Zulu). Then, after a particularly exuberant demo day, it hit us – literally. Highfive. We’ve all experienced that moment when our team defies the odds to pull off an amazing victory. You lose yourself in the moment because you’re part of something bigger than yourself. In your exhilaration you raise your hand high in the air and slap hands with the person next to you. Highfive – the ultimate expression of teamwork and triumph.We believe there are too few Highfives at work. Our mission is to change that.