By Lisa ReevesLast Sunday was Earth Day, and it got me thinking: Do people really understand the purpose of Earth Day? It’s not just about celebrating nature for a day. It’s about educating people to care for the Earth every day, all year long. It’s about promoting personal and organizational change to protect the environment.Earth Day was started in 1970 as a “teach-in” to raise awareness of the need to preserve the environment and build support for legislative change. According to the official Earth Day website, “The first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts.” Those are some pretty big changes.Small changes can make a differenceBut Earth Day promotes small changes that can make a difference as well. I liked how last week, the Huffington Post set daily challenges for people to practice Earth-friendly lifestyle changes. They asked people to do simple things like go meatless for a day, waste less power, paper and water, and reuse containers, clothing and other items.So in the true spirit of Earth Day, I’d like to propose another change that people and organizations can make to help our environment: work from home.Check the dataData from the Telework Research Network show that working remotely just one day a week can make a significant environmental impact. A whole week of workshifting can make an even bigger difference. Green Technology World estimates that this year’s National Telework Week, held the week of March 16, “resulted in $5.5 million saved and 3,358 tons of pollutants removed.” That’s what can happen when people get together to commit to change.I’m pleased to note that when people use our GoToMyPC remote access tool to work from home, they aren’t just increasing productivity and flexibility, but also reducing their carbon footprint.Want to see how much of a difference you can make? Check out our GoToCleanAir carbon calculator to learn how working remotely can help you preserve our environment and celebrate Earth Day all year long.