We’re thrilled to welcome Alex Limi as Highfive’s new VP, Product Design! We started Highfive to transform the way people communicate at work. We’ve been hard at work designing a product that is simple and delightful to use. Consumer design is the core of Highfive. That’s why we’re excited to have @limi leading our product design efforts.Here’s why we dig Alex:He gets consumer design. Roughly 20% of internet users browse the web using Mozilla Firefox. That’s because it rocks. Alex led UX design for Firefox for the last several years. His recent blog post “Checkboxes that kill your product” was shared broadly across the product world. Also, ever wonder who shaped Wikipedia’s design? Good guess. Alex wrote much of the original CSS that Wikipedia has used for the last 10 years.He’s all about sparking a movement. We believe great design should inspire action. So does Alex. He co-founded Plone, one of the first open source content management projects way back in 1999. Plone sparked a movement that now has over 300 companies in 50 countries providing services for the system.He doesn’t take himself too seriously. Alex coined the term “Embarrassment-Driven Development.” In a world where people love to laud their own genius its refreshing for someone to acknowledge the virtue of good old-fashioned humility. Alex demonstrated his calm under pressure by knocking a glass of water all over his MacBook during his Highfive interview presentation, and proceeding as if nothing happened.We can fly our tenth flag. We fly the national flag of each team member’s country of origin inside @HighfiveHQ. Diversity makes us better. Thanks to Alex, we’re hoisting the Norwegian flag where it will fly alongside the national flags of Canada, China, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Romania, Spain, and the United States.Are you our next Highfiver? We’re hiring! Check out our careers page and let us know why you’re passionate about changing the way people communicate at work and how your hidden superpowers will help Highfive make a difference.