We are witnessing a design revolution in the enterprise. Not only in the design of beautiful, easy-to-use products, but also in the design of brilliant customer experiences. The focus on customer experience began in the consumer world with companies like Zappos and Virgin America focusing on envisioning and delivering “wow” experiences. Now the trend is moving into the enterprise. Here are just a few reasons why customer success is more important than ever:1. It’s about impact, not technologyApple has changed the modern computing paradigm; Google has changed the way we acquire knowledge; Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have changed the way we share information. Business leaders watch and covet, not the underlying technology, but the results. And so IT is no longer about building, buying, and babysitting technology products – it’s about affecting powerful change and solving critical business challenges. In order to deliver, CIOs must rely more than ever on their technology partners to provide outstanding operational support.2. Deployment is easy, engagement is hardEnterprise vendors are racing to match the elegance, intuitiveness, and ease of activation seen in the best consumer technology products. As a result, it’s easier than ever to deploy modern enterprise solutions. But that’s simply not enough. Impact comes from use – use by every employee, in every location, for every applicable use case. You must win the hearts and minds of the users, making it easy and even exciting to use new technologies more and more.3. Product is key, but it can’t stand aloneThere is no doubt that a great product is critical – it should offer amazing functionality, bulletproof performance, and outstanding value. It should be beautiful and easy to use, and draw users in. But businesses need more. They need partners who proactively measure, manage, and drive the things that lead to customer success. They need help driving adoption, ongoing advice on getting the most out of the product, and exceptional support that solves problems quickly and painlessly. Ultimately, it takes a user-centric, design-driven, experience-optimizing mindset applied to every part of the customer relationship in order to achieve success.The good news is that the design revolution is coming to customer success, and I think that’s a reason to Highfive!