ezTalks “cloud class” will be connected to the traditional teaching new changes

With the development of Internet technology, world-class institutions are willing to make their own elite courses made of online video for students to share online. In recent years, many people predicted that the traditional university will step newspapers, bookstores and other followers, become the next victim of the Internet. Some people even predicted: the fastest only 15 years, half of the American university bankruptcy. And China’s university teaching tradition is bound to usher in a subversive change.

To the first video conferencing brand in China, “ezTalks” led video conferencing products just to meet this opportunity, 4G era approaching, ezTalks “cloud classroom” use of scientific and technological strength to create efficient and convenient teaching mode, can be described as “industry has Specializing in “, is gradually achieving the perfect connection with the traditional teaching changes!
New phenomenon: American University popular “online classroom”
In the room at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the 243th room of the Singleton Hall, the professor of biology, Eric Rand, is talking about “Introduction to Biology: The Mystery of Life” – a group of technicians, three cameras, 1 director, speaker Professor Rand. Yes! This is the MIT and Harvard University co-founded the nonprofit educational institution edX in the recording “Volkswagen Open Online Course”! As long as connected to the Internet, anyone around the world can listen to this course free of charge.

ezTalks “cloud class” connection to traditional teaching reform
ezTalks is a high-definition video conferencing software for all-end Internet and mobile Internet applications. With the world’s leading H.264 encoding technology and cloud computing technology, the highest standards of 1080P industry, multi-group high-performance server dynamic cluster deployment , More than 80 international and regional. EzTalks cloud conference system set video and audio interaction, electronic whiteboard, document and multimedia sharing, screen radio, remote assistance, data distribution and conference recording and other functions in one, with easy to use, clear and smooth, safe and stable, multi-terminal use.

“Cloud classroom” is ezTalks one of the three core application research and development results, is based on cloud computing technology, an efficient, convenient, real-time interactive remote teaching form. Teachers, students only need to log ezTalks cloud classroom software, you can quickly and real-time watch the teacher’s video, voice, handouts, the classroom moved to ezTalks “cloud” side.

“Cloud classroom” to break the traditional blackboard plus chalk mode, through the illustrations, audio and video synchronization, real-time interaction, enriched the teaching methods, and actively strengthen the enthusiasm of the students, teachers, education, resource sharing and teacher teachers, professional skills to enhance the decision Role for the development of school education information technology provides an effective technical support.

Easy to log in “cloud classroom”, remote learning So easy
Imagine, since students can be free to listen to online lectures, why spend tens of thousands of tuition fees a year, racking their minds crowded school? In addition, the value of ezTalks “cloud classroom” at this point has indeed been the ultimate highlight – a key login cloud, so that remote learning So easy!

1080P high-definition video, realistic voice, real-time data sharing so that the course more natural and realistic, teaching process can support voice, text Q & A and other Q & A. EzTalks cloud classroom system security and stability, video clear and smooth, can give students a high quality communication experience, but also has a large capacity of concurrency, which can support hundreds of thousands of people online lectures.

Multi-terminal access, learn more “environment” more heart
In order to meet more user needs, ezTalks video conferencing software cloud classroom system to increase the mobile client, students through the 3G network of smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices anytime, anywhere to participate in distance courses, training.

Not only with the audio and video transmission and participation in the discussion, Q & A communication function, you can also repeat the classroom to share a variety of information, really do anytime, anywhere to join the “learning”, so that students feel another sense of meaning never ” Environment “, ezTalks bring convenience and efficiency.

It is reported that “ezTalks” video conferencing brand in the domestic industry topped the list, good reputation, widely praised by the old and new users. At present, Tsinghua University, Wendu Education, Singapore International School of Management and other nearly 100 education and research institutions have been using the “ezTalks” cloud classroom system, and actively carry out off-site training, pre-test training, remote skills training, Teaching effect. Whiteboard, multimedia sharing, online send and receive data and operations, high-definition noise reduction, interactive Q & A and many other functional applications combined, the perfect solution to the existence of distance learning “distance communication barriers” solid disease and flaws, The participation of the situation.

True, 15 years later, if the US university really predicted that “half of bankruptcy”, then the video conference will also usher in the field of education in the real spring. And look at the moment, “ezTalks” to create efficient science classroom is playing with such a torrent of power!