ezTalks “cloud classroom” remote interactive training

EzTalks is a high-definition video conferencing software that is used throughout the Internet and in the mobile Internet. Using the world’s leading H.264 coding technology and cloud computing technology, the highest resolution of up to 1080P industry’s highest standards, multi-group high-performance service area dynamic cluster deployment, more than 80 countries and regions. EzTalks video conferencing system set video and audio interaction, electronic whiteboard, document and multimedia sharing and other functions in one, with easy to use, clear and smooth, safe and stable, multi-terminal use and so on.

ezTalks “cloud classroom” -1080p high-definition and high-fidelity sound quality, automatic elimination of echo, background noise reduction, sound quality than the phone should be clear, such as visiting the classroom lectures in general; electronic whiteboard can send a variety of formats courseware, do not worry about courseware format And can not use; focus on the mark, teaching interaction, the focus of the teacher lectures and students do not understand the knowledge points can be marked out in the cloud classroom immediately solve the problem;

ezTalks video conferencing software download: http://www.eztalks.com

Local conference recording, teachers and students can record the contents of the teaching, save to their local, students can review at any time, failed to attend the class students can watch the video of the course, do not miss the course content;

Before and after the start, you can use the name sign function, the teacher named, students need to confirm within 15 seconds to sign, to facilitate the statistics of student attendance, improve the online teaching system.

ezTalks video conferencing system to break the traditional blackboard plus chalk mode, through illustrations, audio and video synchronization, real-time interaction, enriched the teaching methods, and actively strengthen the enthusiasm of the students, teachers, education, resource sharing and teacher teachers, professional skills to enhance the decision Role for the development of school education information technology provides an effective technical support. To meet the needs of more users, ezTalks video conferencing software cloud classroom system to increase the mobile client, students can use smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices can participate in remote training anytime, anywhere.