Our last audio webinar was quite a party! We talked about why businesses around the world choose join.me‘s audio to connect with others, and shared the benefits of our new toll-free offering through Open Voice Integrated. As many of our webinar listeners did, you might be asking yourself, “is join.me toll-free right for me?” You should consider these 4 key reasons why many of our customers have added the toll-free feature to their join.me accounts!Host the call, foot the bill.If you took a client out to dinner, you’d never have them pay for their meal. The same goes for conference calls and online meetings. Offering complimentary toll-free numbers means a customer is not charged for meeting with you, and they don’t incur any local charges. Toll-free is seen as an industry standard of excellence.Offer a selection (kind of like tapas).Another important reason businesses and users gravitate towards toll-free is the ability to offer another audio option to customers and clients. By adding join.me toll-free capabilities, meeting attendees can choose the dial-in option that is most convenient for them — VoIP, local phone numbers, or toll-free. You’re already impressing them before you’re even dialed in.An easy call is a happy call.Whether you dial in over the computer, with a local number or with the new toll-free numbers, you’ll all experience the same join.me call quality. Toll-free seamlessly integrates with join.me audio including recording capabilities and audio controls like individual mute, mute all, and look who’s talking. Toll-free numbers are also embedded in the meeting invites, so it’s simple to select the number that’s right for you.The more the merrier.We’ve seen that offering toll-free options actually increases meeting attendance, particularly with larger meetings. With the additional country offerings, you’re also equipped with sheer scale!For more info, check out the recording of our recent webinar. In addition to more info on toll-free, we covered some new audio features and tips like how to use our telephone keypad cheat codes! After listening, we promise you’ll be making the most of join.me audio.TRY join.me FREE!