If you’re an Android user and haven’t yet tried our mobile app, you’re missing out on some super easy on-the-go meetings! You can download the app here and recreate the join.me meeting experience you love across all your mobile devices. We’ve just recently made some improvements to the app as well, to make your mobile meetings even better. Check them out!UPDATE YOUR PROFILE You can now access your profile page from your Android app, without having to log in on a computer. Once you’ve logged in to the app, click the person icon in the top right corner. You’ll go right to your profile page where you can edit your personal background image, your picture, and your personal link.EASY AUDIO AND VIDEO BUTTONSWe’ve made it easier for all of our users to connect your video and audio in your meeting on Android. The large icons at the bottom show you if you’re successfully connected to video or audio. You can toggle these on and off throughout your meeting just by tapping them. If they’re red, you’re not yet connected. If they’re grey, you’re up and running!SWITCH UP YOUR CAMERAHere’s a whole new way to use your video camera throughout your meeting. We’ve enabled a new video feature that allows you to switch your camera on your Android device from Selfie-mode (not a technical term) to a front-facing camera.  Just click the video button, then click the switch button on the bottom left side. For display purposes we’ve captured our keyboard, but hopefully you’ll be capturing something more engaging in your next meeting.QUICK ACCESS MEETING CONTROLSLast but not least, we’ve made some of the most used meeting features more accessible with just a swipe of a finger. During a meeting, if you swipe down your notifications from your home screen, you’ll see a list of icons where you can take the following actions for your join.me meeting: Mute or Unmute your Microphone and/or SpeakerSend a Meeting Invitation (Share button)Lock or Unlock the MeetingStart or Stop RecordingAnd there you have it! For more tips, check out our resources page at www.join.me/resources. And if you haven’t yet, download the Android app to start hosting better meetings on mobile.TRY join.me FREE!