Video conferencing system configuration list

With the acceleration of national information construction, a variety of data, video, voice business integration so that video conferencing communications more favored by the industry. Video conferencing system from a simple meeting to the development of a broader field: enterprise collaborative office, remote training, emergency command and dispatch, telemedicine, remote recruitment, video conferencing system has become a lot of companies in the mall ride the necessary “weapons”, video Conference system has gradually developed into a computer, communications, multimedia, images, audio and other technologies in one of the automated business management system, ezTalks video conferencing industry brand for the domestic market demand, the establishment of a professional video conferencing system configuration to solve Enterprise video conferencing needs.

Server erection
As the video conferencing system needs a large number of audio and video data through the server forwarding, it will take up to the server more bandwidth.
The recommended configuration for the server host is as follows:
CPU-P4 3.0G or higher 2G memory or higher 60G hard drive or higher. Install genuine Windows2000 Server or Windows2003 operating system. Note: If you rent ezTalks video conferencing software, you do not need to set up a server.

Client bandwidth requirements
EzTalks video conferencing using advanced audio and video coding technology, occupying bandwidth is very low. In the same low-bandwidth network environment than other software audio and video effects more smooth, synchronized, it is recommended that the user client bandwidth to ensure that at least 1M fiber, if you can guarantee more than 2M bandwidth better.

Network topology

Video conferencing system configuration

Terminal computer or mobile phone configuration recommended
In the terminal deployment, the terminal computer and mobile phone configuration will directly affect the quality of the system running, each conference room terminal and desktop terminal deployment need to install a ezTalks collaborative video conferencing system client software computer or mobile phone. Mobile operating system: Windows Mobile 6.0 or above operating system.

Desktop terminal computer configuration recommended
CPU frequency of 2.0G or more
CPU chip AMD5200 + or Pentium Core Duo dual-core series
Memory 1G or more
Hard disk space 20G
Graphics card 128M
Operating system Windows XP SP2

Desktop terminal audio and video hardware configuration recommended
Surface audio and video equipment relative to the venue terminal configuration is a lot easier, only need a microphone, speakers, more than 300,000 pixels USB webcam can be, in order to achieve better results, it is recommended to use CCD camera.

Software implementation
Client software download and install: Install to each client computer. EzTalks video conferencing software download

Server implementation
Implemented by ezTalks technical staff, according to company point video conferencing needs, it is recommended to host server bandwidth for fiber optic lines. Client bandwidth guaranteed in the 1-2M ADSL exclusive.