Cloud meeting to help government agencies to streamline the meeting, reduce the “three public” consumption

Over the past two years, the Central Political Bureau issued eight provisions on the control of ‘three public’ consumption and general expenses, clean government construction and close ties with the grassroots level, requiring departments at all levels to formulate and formulate and implement the measures in line with their actual situation. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued a “party and government organs to implement the regulation of waste on the Ordinance”, which held on the contents of the meeting “to streamline the meeting, strictly control the number of meetings, the size of the participants and participants, strict implementation of the conference fee Scope and standards “, some analysts said: This is the central to further increase the strict control of the ‘three public’ consumption and general expenses, but also said that the central” to streamline the meeting, strictly control the number and size of the meeting “have a higher demand , Which in fact is also from the side to promote more efficient and more economical mode of meeting – video conferencing.

In the increasingly developed communications technology today, the public travel business meetings can be replaced by video conferencing, travel is not only time-consuming and inefficient, and increase carbon emissions, and energy-saving emission reduction and the central control of the “three” consumption of the eight provisions away. There is no need for staff to travel from headquarters or designated places to participate in, so there will be no travel expenses; do not need the organizers to lease the venue, equipment, business services, paper supplies, office gifts, vehicle use and other expenses, and thus save the The cost of the meeting. There is no doubt that video conferencing is a very cost-effective meeting mode.

If the traditional video conferencing because many restrictions can not meet the important functional departments of the meeting needs, then combined with cloud computing derived from the cloud conference, you can meet the current diversity of the conference mode. Anytime, anywhere to attend the meeting, whether you are in front of the office computer, or in the conference room, or in the field with smart phones, tablet PCs and other equipment access. There is no doubt that cloud conference is a primary meeting to reduce the “three public” consumption, and cloud conference portable, mobile, and free from space, time constraints, environmentally friendly low-carbon features not only to replace the traditional meetings, but also to improve the efficiency of communication The In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Ya’an earthquake, the national haze rain and snow weather, cloud meetings have played an important role in the timely communication.

ezTalks as the first domestic launch of the cloud conference manufacturers, with SAAS model to create a video conference rental service, just two or three years the number of users has exceeded 30000 mark, to help many enterprises and government units to save the cost of the meeting, The communication efficiency, the establishment of efficient office. Video conference after years of development, has been from a simple video conference to the cloud conference, in the central eight provisions of the support, the cloud will continue to heat up the future, play a greater role.