ezTalks cloud meeting so that business office green environmental protection, in response to national governance haze call

In recent months, China’s PM2.5 pollution is more serious, Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin and other provinces and cities haze days almost accounted for more than half, this situation in previous years are very rare. In recent days, President Xi Jinping visit at the grassroots level, “haze” weather to the inconvenience caused by the line is particularly prominent for the “haze” governance has been urgent. With the rapid economic development, environmental issues have become the focus of national concern. Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have signed the “air pollution prevention and control objectives of the responsibility of the book” for the local PM2.5 annual average concentration of decline in the target, the State Council will assess this time each year. Expert analysis, said: the central “haze” governance attitude is very firm. And the first haze will start from the enterprise.

The two months after the opening year, often the most busy hours of business meetings, a variety of meetings and work after another, in the face of a large number of meetings, travel fatigue, and “haze” weather on the human body damage, Enterprises have to take measures to deal with. And video conferencing to become the solution to the problem of the enterprise, not travel is the government departments and enterprises to accept the most healthy way of meeting, in their own offices with PC, notebook, Tablet PC, smart phones can communicate with colleagues And collaborative office, can avoid the journey of fatigue, and can effectively “haze”, is the most humane way of meeting.

With the continuous development of enterprises, a variety of meetings more and more, the traditional way of meeting by the time, space constraints, the low efficiency of the meeting, the higher costs of travel costs have restricted the development of enterprises. With the continuous updating of communication technology and the rise of cloud computing technology, the application of ezTalks cloud conference can replace the traditional field meeting, through ezTalks held a remote meeting on the one hand for the enterprise to save the cost of the meeting and travel costs, but also respond to government advocacy The concept of low-carbon environmental digital conference.

Environmental protection is no longer just a matter of government and society, has become the mission of everyone. Large to modern urbanization, small to individual home travel. Are emphasizing low-carbon environmental protection, saving resources, companies with ezTalks such as remote communication tools instead of business travel, not only greatly reduce the carbon emissions, but also reduce the “haze” generation, but also enhance the efficiency and cost savings And resources.

At present, the world has tens of thousands of users through ezTalks cloud meeting to take efficient office platform. EzTalks cloud conference is also widely used in video conferencing, business negotiation, remote presentation, TV media live, e-government, telemedicine, remote recruitment, remote training, remote monitoring, mobile conferencing and other fields!