Although Mikogo is the best option for screen sharing and other applications, yet it does not mean that no other alternative of it is available online.The fact is that more other options are available, a user can easily switch to other screen-sharing apps which offer even more amazing features than Mikogo. Below is a comparative review of top 5 Mikogo alternatives, users must also give them a try.


Teamviewer is my first choice. It is free to use, and quite user-friendly. The installation process is quite easy and takes only few minutes. User may access and take control of a computer remotely without any technically disturbing configuration process. He can download its latest version from their official website or from other sites such as CNET or Downloads. It is available for almost Windows’ all versions, it also runs on almost all operating systems on mobiles. User has the options either to share the entire desktop or a single part of application Window. He can share files or folders either from the hardware drives or from online storage drives like google drive. It can be installed as a portable version to accept connections remotely. A portable version does not require any installation at all.


It provides screen sharing services as well as calls, messaging, and video chat. User has the option to share files with any individual or a groups of persons. Skype video can be used as a screen-sharing tools to show the live demos. It is also a free of cost solution to the issues of file-sharing. User can connect with his friends through voice or file sharing. More, he can share only a segment of a file or the entire file with other.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

It is yet another video conferencing software that is best for cloud meetings. It has three price plans, which are starter, pro, and enterprise. Starter package allows up to 100 participants to join a meeting with its free account. The number of meetings is unlimited,cyclical meetings are also unlimited. However, group meeting is limited only to 40 minutes. Whether the meeting is scheduled or instant, starter account allows the both. In addition, group and private chatting is also allowed, together with group messaging facility. It also provide facility of application or desktop sharing. It supports many operating systems such as windows, mac, android, iOS, and browser. It also provides 48 hours email support.

Pro package is great for business professionals. In addition to all features of starter package, it allows 500 participants per meeting and duration of meetings is unlimited. it also provides live chat and 24 hours email support.

And finally, its enterprise package includes almost all features of pro package, but makes the different by hosting up to 10,000 participants with 64 HD video streaming facility. other distinguishing features include system integration, dedicated support of account manager, and 24/7 live chat, phone , or email support. Just give it a try.


Screenleap provides the best quality screen-sharing services. It is fully compatible with any operating system. Its best quality is that it does not show a blurred screen as we see in the cases of most of the other screen-sharing applications. it allows 1 hour a day free account for general users, while 2 hours a day free account for students or those working in educational institutes. It offers a plethora of features, a user can use it for live conference, presentations, online workshops, and so on.