Explore the ezTalks Style in the video conferencing industry

Bustling Spring Festival has passed, looking back in 2012, what the most popular? I believe many people will feel no “Jiangnan Style” none other than. Indeed, “Jiangnan Style” from South Korea began to conquer the world, whether it is Korean, Chinese or Europe and the United States, whether it is money or money, the company boss or small staff, are “Jiangnan Style” familiar, have followed suit. As a video conferencing brand leader ezTalks, in the past few years, also in the industry to create their own unique ezTalksStyle.

ezTalks Style No.1: Real Large Capacity Distributed Cascade Cloud Architecture

With the rapid development of the domestic economy, more and more large-scale large-scale enterprises were born, the video conferencing of this low-carbon environmental protection, improve the efficiency of the tool is also growing demand for video conferencing stability and capacity Made a higher demand. EzTalks uses a distributed cloud architecture, the global cascade server group supports hundreds of thousands of concurrent numbers; multi-line access, intelligent routing can automatically allocate the access network to the most suitable transmission channel; QOS technology can be lost in the network Package 20% of the harsh environment to ensure the smooth progress of video conferencing.

ezTalks Style No.2: Cloud meeting that really belongs to cloud computing products

The concept of cloud computing in the past 2012 has been stir-fried, many manufacturers have claimed that their products are cloud computing products, so that customers are foggy, can not tell true and false. Any subscription user can use the resource pool, you can freely expand the volume and pay the amount of consumption This is the cloud computing products essential three features.

EzTalks uses SaaS concept, the introduction of video conferencing rental services, users can be flexible according to their own situation, and only need to pay the corresponding rental costs, without the need to pay for other resources; expansion and shrinkage only need to increase or decrease in the cloud conference system Account can be; any user as long as the online application, you can use ezTalks cloud meeting, we can say that ezTalks to provide users with a real sense of the cloud computing products.

ezTalks Style No.3: Cloud systems that make the most of basic hardware

Past video conferencing only belongs to government agencies and some large enterprise groups, high cost and use of the cost of the general business to catch up. Today, a new generation of ezTalks video conferencing can be run directly on the daily office computer, no need to purchase other professional equipment; even the network do not have to redeploy the use of existing broadband can be used.

In order to meet the needs of the mobile business era, ezTalks also launched a mobile-based video conferencing, users can carry smart phones or tablet PCs can communicate with the meeting. Whether it is with the mobile device or with the PC device can be achieved seamless docking.

ezTalks Style No.4: Personalized application of video conferencing systems

Traditional video conferencing is only used for meetings, and ezTalks video conferencing in addition to a variety of meetings, but also for remote training, video surveillance, remote interviews, live video, collaborative office work for different industries to provide users with a variety of s solution.