ezTalks cloud meeting: keep pace with the development of BYOD

With the growing popularity of mobile devices and cloud computing, many experts and industry professionals are beginning to consider redefining cloud computing and keeping cloud computing as much as possible to meet the needs of mobile devices. Video conferencing has been completed from hardware to software transformation and upgrading, and now, along with the popularity of cloud technology, video conferencing and began a transition of the cloud.

ezTalks as the leading brand of domestic cloud conference, has been very concerned about the user’s BYOD (comes with equipment), because compared to the PC, more and more people choose to use smart phones and tablet PCs. They do not want to take the word “calculation”, which means complex and cumbersome, and in the fast-paced business era, it is obviously not what the user wants.

Closer to mobile devices for cloud meetings

Users are not interested in so-called protocols, interfaces, connection concepts, technical jargon, and so on. They just want to come up with their BYOD, click on an application icon, you can do what they want to do. EzTalks cloud meeting not only supports a key login, and the use of distributed cloud architecture, whether through 3G, 4G or WIFI can be smooth access

Keep pace with the pace of development of smart phones

When you go out, do you often carry a laptop? Do you often come with a tablet? No, after the smart phone is never from the body. At present, the smart phone is the most cutting-edge communications equipment, cloud meeting want to make great progress have to keep up with the pace of development of smart phones.

These are well-known, such as the stadium, when the user into the stadium, no one will carry a laptop or a tablet computer, but they are all with a cell phone. With the ezTalks cloud conference, users can use the smart phone as a medium, live video with other people to interact, live at the same time can also be through the audio or text to chat.

From the development of ezTalks cloud meeting, cloud computing definition is not very important, but cloud computing and smart phone “marriage” is particularly important, which will not only promote the development of cloud products, will drive the development of the entire cloud industry , So that cloud computing can better serve the user, reflecting the value of their own.