ezTalks cloud video conferencing, so that off-site interviews become within reach

Just use the computer or mobile phone through the remote recruitment terminal for an interview, you can learn more about the situation, you can go directly after work. Perhaps never thought there would be such a way of hiring now, ezTalks cloud meeting, so that all this becomes at your fingertips!

After the Spring Festival, the various companies have begun a new round of recruitment plans, there have been Spring Festival “to find the tide”, “recruitment tide” and “tide.” With the continuous growth of enterprises and the transformation of regional economy, many companies are faced with the problem of recruitment difficult. Mainly in two aspects, one is the cost of enterprise recruitment is rising, continue to participate in various job fairs, through a variety of recruitment channels for recruitment, recruitment costs also increased; the other hand, migrant workers through the traditional workers information channels can not To meet their own needs of workers, and interviews and other aspects of the more cumbersome, looking for work costs also will rise.

In response to this situation, more and more enterprises in the exploration of how low-carbon, environmental protection and more efficient to improve the quality and efficiency of recruitment, how to more effectively expand the recruitment channels and to achieve full recruitment and interviews, both sides of the demand for remote communication , To meet the recruitment, the dual needs of workers. These have become the employment of enterprises and the vast number of workers in urgent need to solve the problem.

As a leading video conferencing brand in the Asia-Pacific region, ezTalks video conferencing has launched ezTalks cloud conference with video chat, electronic whiteboard, document and multimedia sharing, screen broadcasting, remote assistance, text communication, data distribution and recording with its cloud conference technology. In addition, ezTalks first in the domestic launch of commercial high-definition mobile video conferencing systems, mobile phones and other mobile devices can be achieved at any time, anywhere to participate in the meeting (such as mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, For remote recruitment.

Technically, ezTalks uses a distributed cloud architecture, the world’s cascading server group supports hundreds of thousands of concurrent numbers; multi-line access, intelligent routing can automatically allocate the access network to the most suitable transmission channel; QOS technology Can be lost in the network 20% of the harsh environment to ensure smooth audio and video.

Through the ezTalks cloud conference remote recruitment system, can effectively solve the workers and employers between the remote communication inconvenience, recruitment and find the high cost of work. For the candidates can save a lot of time, no need to rush to the company candidates, but also makes the employer in the remote recruitment to learn more information, select the best talent. ezTalks cloud conference remote recruitment, effectively reducing the cost of labor and find work, the real realization of the remote recruitment and interview at your fingertips!

It is reported that ezTalks as the Asia-Pacific regional network video conferencing leading brand, the first in the country based on cloud computing technology ezTalks cloud conference system, is also in the world three completely have independent intellectual property rights cloud conference platform. EzTalks based on cloud conference technology in the country to launch the first cloud class and the first commercial high-definition mobile video conferencing systems, and the use of full terminal access technology, changing the traditional video conferencing can only be based on the history of fixed network access, Anytime, anywhere, anyone can enjoy videoconferencing communication business.

At present, ezTalks network video conferencing has been widely used in video conferencing, business negotiations, remote presentation, TV media live, e-government, telemedicine, remote recruitment, remote training, remote monitoring, mobile meetings and other communication areas!