ezTalks: use cloud meeting to “build” your communication platform

The end of the year, the annual meeting of enterprises, regional marketing meetings, product orders, the annual summary of the meeting and so on the meeting followed. In the face of huge meeting expenses and tensions during the Spring Festival, the problem is really a lot of companies feel a headache. ezTalks cloud conference, the use of cloud technology, for you to create a new conference communication mode, so that a variety of meetings become more smooth and easier!

As an important tool for corporate conference communication and work collaboration, cloud conference plays an important role in enhancing the level of communication and efficiency. According to the domestic cloud conference leading brand “ezTalks” relevant person in charge, many of the current business meetings are still using the traditional way, taking up a lot of resources at the same time, business, poor and human costs have become a major business expenses in today Economic downturn, product profit decline in the case, select the appropriate communication platform to reduce the operating costs, enhance the efficiency of communication services to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises to think about the problem.

At present, many well-known enterprises have been through the use of ezTalks feel the cloud conference to enhance the efficiency of communication benefits, Sun Life as a well-known financial and insurance companies, outlets throughout the country and the market situation is very different, a lot of work needs of the headquarters according to the market Changes to make the appropriate countermeasures, through the use of ezTalks cloud conference system, the overall efficiency of a substantial increase in the cost of the meeting has been effectively controlled.

In the food and beverage enterprises, Luzhou Laojiao as a well-known brand of liquor, in the world all over thousands of offices and distributors, the end of the peak of alcohol consumption, Luzhou Laojiao marketing department using ezTalks video conference cloud conference platform, Strengthen the contact with the regional offices and distributors, not only effectively reduce the cost, but also for day-to-day communication and emergency decision-making played a significant role in helping! At present, including well-known enterprises including China Guangdong Nuclear Power, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Railway, COFCO Coca-Cola, Neusoft Group, Fujian Southeast Automobile, Zoomlion, China Resources shares and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad are using ezTalks network video conferencing system to enhance communication and training, And travel time, shorten decision time!

It is understood that, as the Asia-Pacific video conferencing leading brand, ezTalks has been committed to the network video industry research and exploration, has introduced a number of patented technology. Among them, ezTalks cloud conference is Shenzhen Huasui Ruitong Information Technology Co., Ltd. based on cloud computing technology, independent research and development and operation of a new generation of video conferencing platform, the platform is the world’s third, the first domestic ownership of independent intellectual property rights Cloud conference platform. EzTalks cloud conference system using the world’s leading H.264 video encoding technology, video resolution up to 1080P industry’s highest standards, the system set “audio and video interactive, whiteboard, document and multimedia sharing, screen radio, remote assistance, text communication , Data distribution and conference recording “and other functions in one, and the first in the industry to launch the first commercial 3G mobile Internet access technology, breaking the space limitations of video conferencing.

In the 2016 CBI election, ezTalks cloud and Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Huawei and other brand products at the same time selected, and won the “2016 CBI annual election year best-selling products” title! At present, the world has tens of thousands of users in the ezTalks cloud meeting to build their own efficient communication platform.