ezTalks video conference helped the transport department cope with the pressure of the Spring Festival

Spring Festival is China’s most important traditional festivals, home New Year is also the heart of all migrant workers. Therefore, every Spring Festival, the transport sector will usher in “Spring Festival”. According to the traffic sector statistics, during the Spring Festival this year, the national road passenger sent about 3.1 billion passengers, up 9% over the previous year, which is sufficient to show that the responsibility of the transport sector. In the face of strong transport pressures, many areas of the transport sector have enabled the videoconference of this advanced communication tool to improve the efficiency of handling traffic management issues.

First, simplify the management process

Video conferencing can improve the efficiency of the meeting and simplify the process of meeting. But the transport sector will use a lot of free systems to deal with various problems, then if you add a video conferencing system, will undoubtedly make the problem more complicated. EzTalks provides an open cloud conference system that can be integrated into a variety of proprietary systems to avoid the cumbersome operation of multiple systems. Related personnel can log on their own system and ezTalks cloud conference system, the integration of video conferencing after the various functions of the application will not be deleted, with only a few seconds, you can multi-party “face to face” to discuss the emerging problems, This is of great significance in traffic management.

Second, remote collaborative office

After simplifying the management process and improving the management efficiency, we can work together on the own system integrating the ezTalks cloud conference. Because the communication is more timely, the on-site staff can quickly complete the report of the superior situation, propose the process change proposal, The administrator in the meeting after the electronic vote approved in a timely manner, all front-line staff in real time to receive and timely adjustment, so that the specific work to complete orderly.

Third, improve execution

Through the ezTalks video conferencing system in the coordination of office at the same time, the command center managers through the 1080P full HD video control of the scene, 25 screen display can be achieved more synchronous tour, the video interface zoom to adjust more conducive to on-site management , Strengthen the task of execution of front-line staff.

Fourth, the overall level of service and efficiency

The ezTalks cloud conference system opens up a shortcut between the decision maker and the executor, eliminating the need for intermediate processes, internal, external information transmission, exchange, analysis, and decision making that can be done in the shortest possible time. The transport sector is more manageable changes in the situation, the same time can handle more tasks, personnel work efficiency greatly improved to enhance the overall level of service and efficiency.