Information age, “cloud class” to bring disruptive changes in the education industry

234 million Web sites, more than 500 million search data, the country more than 700 million Internet users, 294 billion e-mail, more than 100 million Sina microblogging ….. these hundreds of millions of figures depict, it is people Now in the information age. How efficient and efficient access to information is the main theme of the information age.

“Open your own textbook, turn to XX chapter.” “See this text, read along with me.” “Now send the papers tomorrow to pay up” Today’s homework is …. “These familiar words , Which is familiar to students who have been taught by traditional blackboards, and nowadays, this traditional way of teaching is clearly not fast enough for the information age.

Information age, classroom teaching has been given a new model, which is ezTalks in the industry first proposed “cloud classroom” concept. “Cloud classroom” is in the information age, with advanced cloud computing technology and communication technology to the traditional blackboard teaching into online real-time interactive teaching.

“ezTalks cloud classroom” is through the ezTalks video conferencing system to achieve real-time online audio and video interaction and a variety of document sharing. In the “ezTalks cloud class”, the students do not need to carry a thick textbook every day, only with a mobile device or school configuration of the student computer, you can on the language, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, Door discipline. Teachers only need to share the electronic courseware in the system, you can let all students see the attendance on the courseware. Through the “ezTalks cloud class” on each class can be recorded down, for students to learn again and again.

Now students learn a wide range of subjects, academic heavier and heavier, holiday make up is a common thing. Student holidays, there are already heavy tasks, but also need to go to school every day to make up classes, the efficiency is very low. Through the “ezTalks cloud classroom” students can make up the lesson at home, make up any questions, students can directly put forward, the teacher can answer on the spot; this not only take care of the students rest time, but also improve the efficiency.

“Cloud class” is not just playing a fresh, but to become an important part of the future teaching. This new technology will bring revolutionary changes to schools and teachers, as well as innovation behind the changes that are about to face.