SaaS cloud conference – SME information transformation Another “revolution”

Small and medium-sized enterprise information transformation has been the focus of China’s industry information and difficult. On the one hand, small and medium enterprises in our business accounted for more than 80% of the proportion; the other hand, the number of small and medium enterprises, industry classification difficulties, uneven hardware facilities, many small and medium enterprises do not have the conditions for the deployment of information. This dilemma in the past 2012 has been greatly improved, the reason is the application of cloud computing technology landing.

2012 can be said that the first year of cloud computing, a variety of cloud computing products are generally born in the market, with the low cost of cloud computing and hardware requirements of the low requirements of small and medium enterprises, information technology is also earth-shaking Change, can be said to be staged a “revolution”. Among them, small and medium enterprises with “cloud” video conferencing to information technology deployment, has become the highlight of the tide of information technology.

From end to end transformation into end to the cloud
Strictly speaking, cloud computing itself is a business model, rather than technical means. Traditional video conferencing is an end-to-end model that is not only expensive but also very complex to deploy, and it is difficult for a professional IT department to run smoothly. To carry out information technology transformation, information flow is the most basic requirements, but the high threshold for small and medium enterprises are weak.

In order to solve this situation of small and medium enterprises to ezTalks, led by the first batch of video conferencing manufacturers began a video conference “cloud”, ezTalks cloud conference on the advent of the majority of small and medium enterprises by the favor, this from the end to the cloud The new model allows video conferencing to become easy, the most basic office environment can run smoothly on the video conferencing system, without professional IT departments to deploy, do not need expensive professional equipment.

SaaS concept brought about by the cost of decline
The more advanced technology, the higher the price, which is people’s conventional thinking, but cloud computing technology has subverted this way of thinking. EzTalks launched the cloud conference system on the use of the rental model, this rental model is born in the SaaS concept, the user does not need to pay for the purchase of the product itself, nor for those who do not use the resources to pay, only according to their own The use of the demand to pay the rental costs can be, the other is all the ezTalks cloud platform to complete.

Can you imagine the use of video conferencing with the monthly phone calls comparable? It sounds a bit weird, but the ezTalks cloud meeting makes these a reality. As a result, small and medium enterprises do not have to worry about because the cost is not enough and can not use video conferencing, do not have to worry about because the cost of spending too much lead to cash flow is not working.

Low cost, easy to use to promote cloud services development
Small and medium-sized enterprises to buy such as ezTalks cloud meeting is in fact the purchase of video conferencing services, rather than video conferencing products, the product itself is completely free, and small and medium enterprises are willing to pay for such low-cost, easy to use services , Eventually becoming a low return on high-yield win-win.