Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association (CTCA) voted to join the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International (SCTC).On June 4, 2015, at the 30th annual Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association (CTCA) meeting in Mono, Ontario, the CTCA membership voted to join the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International (SCTC), effectively dissolving the CTCA. The SCTC was formed 40 years ago as the Society of Telecommunications Consultants (STC), and was renamed the SCTC as part of a two-year rebranding effort to expand its presence and visibility internationally as well as within the US. The core values of the SCTC and the CTCA align in many ways, such as a common code of ethics that include being unbiased consultants, with no financial interest in vendor selections.  The primary reasons the two consulting groups advocated for this change reflect current trends in business; many projects today require a multi-faceted team to be effective – either due to complexity, breadth of technologies, or the reach of the client’s market. The combined SCTC and CTCA membership will increase the number of resources available, expand the talent pool, and increase access to international partners. The combined organization will help all members meet their client’s ever growing expectations and requirements. The CTCA agreed with the international vision of the SCTC and foresee an increase in partnering to deliver better value to international projects. Scott Murphy, the current president of the CTCA, led the internal effort that resulted in not just a consensus within the CTCA, but a unanimous vote by the CTCA membership. Mr. Murphy states, “This decision by our membership aligns with the shifts in the industry. Merging CTCA operations with the SCTC will provide significant advantages to our members and enable them to take better advantage of international opportunities and provide increased value to their clients. I believe this merger puts the SCTC at the forefront of the communications technology and management consulting marketplace.”Joining together also allows for a focused branding of the independent consultant members on a broader scale and will spread streamlined operational costs over a larger membership base. At the same time, the former CTCA members will comprise one of the regional groups within the SCTC that allows for focus on local issues as needed.  A Memo of Understanding (MOU) was developed to create the ground work for the membership change and should be effective within the next few weeks. However, this action does not have any direct impact on current projects for SCTC or CTCA consultants; the association brings many benefits to consultant members and their clients, but it is not a party to any client contract or engagement.  Given that the relationships are still direct with the independent consultant, what is the significance to clients of a consultant? As mentioned earlier, communications system projects today encompass such a broad set of technologies and business processes that multiple team members are often required to provide all of the depth and experience needed. The expanded SCTC is the source for like-minded ethical consultants that can add value to any project with:Skills in specialized business processes or applicationsIn-depth knowledge of specific technologies and productsExperience with consulting tasks to help with the volume of workHigh-level vendor contacts and technical resourcesLocal familiarity of an area remote to the lead consultantOn-site presence for locations distant from the client or lead consultantThe SCTC goals include continued growth in size and reach along with adding more experts in all communications technology areas.  Our members are committed to serving the complete requirements of our clients.   The SCTC will continue to be the best way for an organization to ensure they are working with the most knowledgeable and ethical consultants in the industry. About the SCTCThe Society of Communications Technology Consultants International, Inc., (SCTC) is a non-profit organization offering information and communications technology answers through a professional network of experienced, thoroughly vetted, vendor independent consultants. Founded in 1976, the SCTC has a strict set of membership requirements, setting the standard in experience and expertise, ethics, and collaboration for consultants worldwide. Society of Communications Technology Consultants International, Inc., is the owner of the marks SCTC, its associated LOGO, and numerous other marks. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.