Logitech is excited to announce that we are acquiring Texas-based LifeSize Communications, a global leader in HD-video communication solutions with more than 9000 customers in more than 80 countries around the globe.As a world leader in PC-to-PC video communications, Logitech has consistently driven innovation in video calling and webcams, from our collaboration with Yahoo and MSN on video communication to delivering High Quality Video on Skype to the purchase of SightSpeed a year ago.With LifeSize, Logitech expects to extend our leadership in video communication beyond the desktop – imagine HD-video communication that is as mainstream and seamless as a telephone call – for anyone, anywhere.To learn more about the shared vision of Logitech and LifeSize, click here.Related Reads:Logitech Buys Videoconferencing Outfit LifeSize BusinessWeek Logitech Takes on Cisco, to Buy LifeSize for $405M GigaOMLogitech gobbles up LifeSize; Enters video conferencing ZDNetLogitech Breaks Into Videoconferencing New York TimesLogitech To Buy LifeSize Communications For $405 Million Barron’s