Teleworking helps employees to work from their home or from any local center two or more than two days each week, utilizing communication tools like modem, fax, teleconferencing, phone, IM, voice calls, emails to do all their duties from their places or any remote locations. People believe that teleworking has many benefits not only for employees, but also for the employers. Here we will tell you some great benefits of teleworking.

benefits of teleworking

Benefits of teleworking

Increase productivity

There is a major misconception about teleworking that once the employees are out of your sight, they will just waste time. However, according to a Stanford study, it is that employees actually raised their productivity by around 20% when they were allowed to work from their places. Also, studies have shown that teleworkers worked 6-8 hours extra than their offices.

Enhances morale

Let’s assume that you have old parents and you are the only one to take care of them and also take your parents for frequent doctor visits. By the ability to work from your place, you get a better balance between your work and family.

Employees feel valued and become happier in the mode of teleworking . This happiness turns into gratitude and makes employees more dedicated to their companies and work. They start to work even harder. According to a study, both employees and employers are happier and less stressed than people who go to the offices daily.

Lowers the turnover

When employees are not happy with commutes, they make more excuses like falling sick or find for other positions, which will help them work from home and quit at the end. Loss or productivity can make a huge loss for the company and that can even go to lacks of dollars when your employee resigns.

Workers and employees who are provided with the choice to work and telecommute are much more happy with their employers and their work to teleworking than old office workers. Staying happy at job means employees will stay in their positions and that will save the company with a lot of money in the future. That’s really a big teleworking benefit.

Cost effective

If you even thought that employees get advantages of teleworking, and then think again. Surely employees avoid extra expenses which come along with them by working in offices like daily lunches, transportation charges, having to purchase office attires. But even the employers save a lot of money. It is said that for even employees who telecommutes, an organization saves around $15000 every year.

Eco friendly

A huge number of employees drive in to work every day. All that pollution and harmful gases can take a great toll on the environment. A recent study shows that teleworking saves a lot of energy that can power about one million houses for the whole year. In this way, both organizations and their employees can lower their footprints when their employees work from their place.