The two software are rather similar, however offer a few distinct options that may sway a company to choose one over the other.

To start, Zoom offers much more of a diverse range of packages, than BlueJeans, despite both having their share. Zoom has basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise as their options. This layout personally seems more user friendly than BlueJeans approach, and is more concise on what these packages entail. Also, Zoom does offer a free trial to potential customers, while BlueJeans does not.

The pricing on the two is similar, but a bit hard to compare when Zoom offers so many other options. Zoom’s Pricing is as follows:


These prices are rather standard for most services in the field, and are by a month-to-month basis. Pricing for BlueJeans is quite different. Its standard package is $9.95, but you need a quote for its other available services. The advantage here is clearly towards Zoom, due to simply having more variety.

As far as expert ratings are concerned, the two battle neck and neck. However, Zoom has a slight edge in practically every category, some of which include, ease of setup and direction of the service(s).

Perhaps one of the most important categories when comparing the two, service features plays a large role in determining which business has the edge. Much like ratings, the two are close. However, yet again, Zoom seems to offer the cleaner, and more applicable setting for companies. There services also are sleek and up-to-date, and run with almost no issues.

Just how reliable are the two? Well, Zoom has little to no issues on the technical side, to whereas BlueJeans is known to have trouble in the past. Overall, Zoom just performs better, even under max amount of strain. BlueJeans however isn’t a technical failure, it performs well, around 7.5/10 out of the time. But, compared to the near perfect average that Zoom withholds, (9.5/10), it is hard to argue for BlueJeans having the technological advantage.

Overall however, the biggest deciding factors boil down to performance and overall features. Connectivity issues along with other existing problems keep BlueJeans from reaching its peak in the business. It is also more focused on video conferencing at its core, but comparing other factors such price it is hard to not pick Zoom over BlueJeans on how they operate and their available features.



Both services are generally met with positive reviews. However, Zoom has seemed nearly flawless in the industry thus far and continues to grow with every new feature added. Businesses across the globe are likely to be attracted to not only the growth of Zoom, but also the connectivity is second to none.

So, it is most likely apparent at this point that Zoom is most likely your best option. Of course, though, BlueJeans is a great service as well, but Zoom has truly taking video conferencing to the next level, and it’s not hard to be a part of something growing at such a positive and rapid rate. If BlueJeans did not have the appearance of being a bit one-dimensional all around, then maybe this would be a different conclusion, but they have yet to capitalize on fixing their existing issues.

Also, even though these two are the giants of the industry, it does not mean they are the only readily available service out there on the market. Various online meeting businesses such as ezTalks perform at a prominent level as well, and if you are simply looking for video meetings, it may be the best option. One unique feature they offer as well is the ability to have a free account not tagged along with a trial time, and who doesn’t enjoy free services?

All in all, we’ve concluded that Zoom is overall, superior to that of its BlueJeans counterpart, but there are other options out there in the market for you and your company to enjoy! So you can visit any market or store near you to have one of your choice.