Screen Sharing means, in Italian, screen sharing and is the technology that allows you to see or use a remote computer, from another pc or cellphone or smartphone.

This list lists some online programs or services that allow Internet-based best free screen sharing, other than the remote desktop program included in Windows, which allows you to work remotely on PCs on the same network.

Desktop sharing applications sometimes save people who work on computers (especially freelancers) and those who work in a team at the same project to collaborate on the same computer in real time.

They also make it possible to use the home PC from the office computer via the internet.

There are great and great programs to share your computer screen and connect remotely from another location, even away thousands of miles away.

In this list we see the best applications to share the desktop and screen of a Windows PC.

1) Windows 10 Remote Assistance, already integrated app to give support to a friend.

2) Screenleap is a free web application with which you can share the screen in a second, with a click, via the internet, without downloading anything.

The only thing you need is Java that must be installed on your pc.

To use ScreenLeap, you do not even have to register an account and, with it, you can allow other people to view your pc’s desktop at once.

Once the screen is visible, you will get a link that you can send to as many people as you want, to show them what you are doing.

Alternatively, you can give them the security code.

You can share the entire screen or just a selected area.

This web application is useful when you want to show someone how to do something, or when you want to share a presentation with a colleague but it does not allow you to use a PC remotely.

3) ezTalks best screen sharing software enables one to make calls and have virtual meetings with people in different locations as if you were talking live with them. It is the leading free screen sharing software in professional video conferencing. It gives a platform for one to one, many to many or one to a larger group of people and even many to many voice calls. It has a free plan that enables 100 participants in a video meeting. It has features such as file and content sharing, an innovative whiteboard, private chats, group chats. This video conferencing software is useful for companies.

ezTalks also offers tips to users on news and information about webinar, web conferencing, and video conferencing among many other others. These tips enable people to have effective communication and collaboration. This increases its competitiveness among other free conferencing software. It also dedicated to what they do to provide services that are satisfactory. They also offer step to step instructions and other valuable information.

4) If you use Google Chrome, you can share the screen with the Remote Desktop Chrome App.

5) TeamViewer is the most important program in this list, the one that works best, with more features that can also be used with a free account.

TeamViewer is a fast and easy solution for remote control and desktop and file sharing.

Joining another computer can not be simpler: just run TeamViewer on both computers, even without the need for installation, and then provide the ID number of the PC to which you want to connect.

It allows two people to file transfers, remote support, remote server / or PC administration as if you were front and presentation of the products.

You can also share the screen with more people you can connect via web browsers, without downloading anything.

At Teamviewer alternatives I have dedicated two posts:

– How to complete a PC control from another computer

– Teamviwer 7 Help for Remote Assistance and Remote Teamwork

Teamviewer can install on iPhone, iPad and Android to control a pc via internet from mobile.

6) Mikogo is a program to download on your pc to share your desktop and screen.

The tool can be used in a free version with limited features and sharing with another person only.

7) Skype, the famous computer calling program, as seen in the Skype Guide, also allows you to share your computer screen with good quality with other people.

To share the desktop, click on a contact and then on Share screen.

You can select any screen or just a selected area.

As a tool created for videoconferencing, during sharing you can talk or chat with the person, swapping quick reviews through the emoticons.

8) Crossloop, a program I’ve talked about a long time ago in the remote control for a remote PC for assistance or support, is a free tool to download and install on your computer, which allows you to provide remote assistance to another System via Internet connection.

Each pc to control requires the installation of a small software for control.

The tool is aimed at a professional user and video conferencing for small businesses that can find a powerful and free program for desktop sharing and remote control.

9) Comodo Unite is an alternative program to Hamachi, to create an ideal virtual VPN online game and also to share the screen with other people.

Client installation is free but the options offered are lower than what you can do with TeamViewer.

10) Another similar program is G-Bridge that creates a VPN with a direct connection between two or more computers using the Google Account.