2017 iactive medical industry partners will be the perfect ending

On the afternoon of June 15, 2017, the network was held in Beijing Zhongguancun Development Building to hold a network of mobile medical industry partners. In this exchange, a total of more than 200 medical professional medical equipment operating room, medical industry, information related to the relevant person in charge of the channel.

Exchange meeting place
In recent years, driven by the new health care reform policy, China’s medical and health fields continue to expand, is expected to reach nearly 50 billion in 2020. Network as the world’s leading intelligent cloud video solutions and service providers, the use of video technology to provide telemedicine services to help the medical industry to abandon the traditional surgical teaching mode, the establishment of a new surgical observation, surgical teaching platform. Net technology as a video industry leader, in this exchange for the partners to provide an incredible audio-visual feast, and health care industry partners to share billions of market.
In this meeting, the first by the network head to the partners to share the company’s development strategy, with strong data as a support, from a new point of view, and visiting guests to explore the medical industry information construction 100 billion market. In the depth of the industry market analysis at the same time, for everyone to explain in detail the latest network of mobile phone industry video solutions, to visit the guests left a deep impression.

Leader is working with partners to analyze the industry market
Subsequently, the network of technical departments in the field using the network to run the terminal, set up a simulation of medical remote surgery teaching environment. Live demonstration of the network terminal in the medical remote surgery teaching full live, remote interaction, remote teaching, teaching and recording, synchronized recording, online teaching on demand and other functions, ultra-smooth smooth screen and network products powerful features The presence of the guests highly recognized.

Simulation of Medical Surgery Teaching Environment
At the end of the meeting, the network industry manager came to power for everyone to share the network after 17 years in the medical industry accumulated valuable experience and success stories, partners in this exchange will have a more in-depth understanding of the network, but also hope It is helpful for your partners to expand their business.
Network to build this simulation environment to use the terminal for the professional medical teaching terminal, 4K ultra-large large conference terminal and medium-sized conference terminal. Network professional medical teaching terminal with a new aluminum design concept, the body more beautiful. Equipped with global cutting-edge audio and video processing technology, built-in full HD image processing chip, can be free to deal with multi-channel full HD signal concurrent processing, to meet the medical institutions continue to increase the operation of surgery and surgical broadcast needs. 4K ultra-large large-scale conference terminal and medium-sized conference terminal as a network of classic series of products, also in the exchange also show.

2017 will become the medical industry information development of the critical period, will also be promising industry opportunities for the period. The future development trend of the medical industry is very clear, let us seize the opportunity to take the initiative, in this never decline in the sunrise industry has a greater harvest.