Education information speed, video conferencing teaching applications of concern

Thanks to the speed of education and information construction in the video conference market in 2015, educational applications become a well-deserved meat and potatoes, access to the education industry and many industry enterprises of all ages, and, based on the user awareness of the upgrade, its application No longer confined to the distance education model, but began to integrate into the entire education information system construction.
The face of broad market prospects, video conferencing companies need to focus on the education industry to adjust, take action to quickly seize the market.
1, video conferencing software to enhance the ease of use – the education industry users are highly dispersed, not only teachers, training staff as the representative of the adult application groups, more large in the growth stage of young students, a large number of mobile Strong and limited professional knowledge, in this case, if you want to truly achieve the educational resources across the region of accessibility, ease of use has become the key. Users need is through a simple landing operation, you can achieve in the PC, personal mobile devices and other types of remote communication terminal.
2, distance learning transformation – remote teaching transformation also promote the rapid development of video teaching.
3, the comprehensive service capacity to enhance – the education industry users of the video conference applications are also increasing, and the application needs in the diversification, video conferencing products and automatic recording and broadcasting systems, monitoring and other products used to provide customized solutions Program, the maximum to meet the needs of users.
Video conferencing for the promotion of educational applications for a long time, distance learning is its core application. Due to the network environment and some inappropriate solutions, video teaching did not play a given application effect. With the development of mobile broadband and video conferencing technology mature, national policy encouragement, the use of the scope of the expansion of the video teaching market ushered in the application of the outbreak period, how to win a place in the education industry, video conferencing vendors is a huge Opportunities and Challenges.