Government users becomes the main driving force of video conference market

The conference system refers to two or more individuals or groups in different places, through the transmission lines and multimedia equipment, the sound, video and file data interchange, to achieve real-time and interactive communication to achieve the purpose of the meeting system equipment.
With the audio and video conferencing equipment in 2011, one after another into the local centralized procurement directory, conference equipment procurement showed a growing trend. The conference video system in the interactive, picture quality and stability of the technical progress, but also to enhance the government users of the conference video equipment acceptance.
“Government Procurement Information Daily” reporter learned from the procurement center around the video conferencing system procurement scale has been an upward trend in recent years, has become the government, military, finance, insurance and other departments, units and industry daily meetings, collaborative office, business training And other activities necessary tools.
Video conferencing market by 20%
“2012-2016 China Video Conference Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report” shows that by 2016, companies in the field of video conferencing will cost 1.1 billion US dollars. In China, the video conferencing market is also growing at a rate of more than 20% per year. Over the past two years, driven by the development of small and medium enterprises and three or four city market in full swing, video conferencing market growth rate is accelerating.
Industry experts predict that over the past few years the video conferencing system is subject to product maturity is not high, expensive, peripheral equipment does not match and other factors, there is no large-scale commercial trend, and with industry manufacturers have high-definition products to the foreground Become the company’s marketing focus, the next 3-5 years, all-digital high-definition video conferencing products market will achieve a breakthrough growth.
The government is the main user of the video conference
In 2011, audio and video conferencing equipment for the first time into the Office of the State Council issued the “central budget unit 2011 – 2012 centralized government procurement catalog and standard” (State Council issued [2010] 61), became the government centralized procurement catalog items, this The market showed a steady growth trend.
Data show that 2013 government procurement accounted for one-third of all video conferencing market. China Meteorological Administration Government Procurement Center Director Luo Dawei introduced from the practical application of video conferencing, attendees can meet the meeting time, meeting place and conference interaction and other aspects of a more full choice in the savings travel expenses, improve communication Efficiency has obvious advantages.
Government applications and monopoly industry users are the main drivers of the video conferencing market. These users have a high degree of vertical organization, a large number of branches and decision-making focus, which determines the procurement of video conferencing systems with a one-time purchase of large amounts of product safety and stability requirements and the general use of self-built network system Of the way, these industries after years of development, the market has basically stabilized.
Combined with the actual unit of the most important
At present, the video conferencing market is divided into two categories: based on the line of hardware video conferencing and Internet-based network video conferencing.
Network video conferencing system is developed in recent years, a new form of video conferencing, generally used on the Internet, through the installation of software on the PC to achieve video conferencing terminal and MCU functions.
With the development of video conferencing technology, hardware video conferencing system providers also provide high-definition and telepresence video conferencing, the use of high-definition video technology and virtual conference room technology, image quality and user experience has improved significantly, high-definition video Conference on the network bandwidth requirements of the original video conferencing more than 2-4 times, in addition to the cost of the purchase of conference equipment, quality of service on the actual network conditions there is a large dependence.
Industry experts suggest that the purchase of video conferencing systems, you can combine the actual work needs of the unit, the financial budget and the network status of the branches and other factors to consider. Large conference rooms use high-definition conference equipment, medium-sized conference rooms using standard definition conference equipment, desktop users use software terminals, office users can use the software terminal, 3G mobile phone or telephone to participate in video conferencing. At the same time, to consider the optional system expansion and system upgrades convenience, as far as possible to support the international standard specification of video conferencing products, to avoid being individually adopted private agreement kidnapping.