In recent days, affected by the low vortex, across the country ushered in heavy rainfall, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is ushered in this year’s strongest rainfall. The official release of heavy rain yellow warning, lightning yellow warning, geological hazards meteorological risk yellow warning, three “yellow police” Qi hair.

This kind of weather, for those who have to attend the meeting, business negotiations, people, is simply a disaster. Continuous rainfall caused by traffic congestion and other issues, to the staff travel to bring a lot of inconvenience to the enthusiasm of the staff also have a certain blow.
With the continuous increase in business activities, in recent years, enterprises for cross-regional, cross-network communication more and more, the traditional telephone, fax and other means of communication can not give customers a good experience. And storm raids, high temperature, air pollution and other reasons, making the remote office system, video conferencing systems and other vigorous development, cloud video communications industry also will go to the rapid development stage. Cloud video solutions and provider network help enterprises to establish video conferencing systems, excellent business development environment to meet the needs of business meetings to help enterprises improve office efficiency.

How to enhance the enterprise’s information development ability, optimize the enterprise development environment, accelerate the deep integration of information technology and enterprises, is the current problems faced by enterprises. And, in the enterprise industry there are still the following questions:
1. High cost of meeting For many small and medium enterprises, as well as large enterprise headquarters and the division between the weekly or monthly will be a meeting, the meeting cost is too high.
2. Work efficiency is low. Staff travel, need to spend a lot of time on the road, reducing the efficiency.
3. staff training in different places difficult. Many large enterprises have the needs of training staff, but because of the large number of branches and staff, training has become one of the most difficult to solve the problem.
4. Difficult management. Large enterprises branch offices and offices located in the rest of the world, in the management system there is a great difficulty.

How to use the network cloud cloud video platform to solve business problems:
1. Low-cost cloud hardware video conferencing
Network cloud video platform to support multi-network interoperability, real-time hot backup, with high reliability and high availability. Enterprises do not have to buy and maintain expensive MCU, any party as long as the Internet, you can access the platform to convene or participate in the meeting. Network cloud platform, high reliability, high availability, low cost, zero maintenance features, can quickly solve the corporate headquarters and branch offices, offices of communication, coordination and coordination problems.

Network integration of cloud hardware conference terminal
2. Remote interactive training
The use of the system with the data sharing dual-stream function, the company headquarters or branch offices, the Office can organize a variety of remote training, lecturer screen and training courseware images sent to all sub-venues, the whole training process more vivid, intuitive, Off-site training problems.
3. Live video / video
In the enterprise annual meeting, conference and other meaningful activities, you can live through the video conferencing system for live or video, distributed branches and office staff can also watch live live, not in time to attend the staff also You can view the scene by video.
Network video conference for the network released a new generation of cloud conference platform, designed for business people tailored, eliminating the trouble of business people flying. Reduce business costs, optimize the business office environment, improve office efficiency, is one of the necessary office tools.