Many videoconferencing and online screen sharing tools offer an interesting alternative to Skype, to facilitate working with remote collaborators. Delivered in SaaS and therefore accessible simply via a web browser, they cover many communication needs, for small businesses and SMEs. Presentation of 15 free or paid tools to improve communication in the company or organize public / private conferences on the web.

Videoconferencing and screen sharing tools: some applications

Presentation of balance sheets (ex: financial)

Organization of free or paid webinars

Meetings and Distance Learning

Customer relationship: dialogue with clients / prospects


E-learning – Training

Some free tools


Anymeeting is a videoconferencing and online screen sharing solution, the free version of which allows up to 200 participants (who attend a presentation).

The counterpart being the advertising display. To avoid this inconvenience, Anymeeting is also available as a paid version ($ 17.99 / month for 25 participants, $ 69.99 / month for 200 participants).

It also supports the Facebook API, for fast creation of an account.

Anymeeting also allows:

Organize paid webinars: the host can, via his account, plan the date, time and price of his web conference. A PayPal module allows participants to register, they are then automatically added to the list of participants (e-ticketing service).

To share its screen selectively, choosing the display of a specific application (eg Power Point)

Dialogue with participants and get their feedback in real time: they can send notifications to the host via a chat / status update module (for example, if the pace of the conference is too fast, If there are reception problems)

Other features of Anymeeting:

Videoconferencing (VoIP)

Survey module

Registration of conferences for later dissemination on its profile

Integration with Twitter and Facebook to facilitate the promotion of its public lectures

The advantage of this online screen sharing tool is its ease of use: it is accessible without registration and free of charge, and allows to organize web conferences that can accommodate up to 250 participants. It is enough for the user to download an executable file, which allows him to obtain a URL where participants can join the conference.

The free version offers:

A call module (VoIP, audio only) and a messaging module

Remote control of his screen, a privilege that the host can assign to the participant of his choice

Sending files

IPhone and Android applications for mobile users

Google Plus “Hangouts”

Tailored to small workgroups, Google Plus hangouts can be used to open simultaneous video and chat sessions with multiple users within a Google Plus circle.

This service also integrates with Google Docs. Users taking part in the videoconferencing can then select documents from the Hangout interface (“Google Docs” button), switch at any time from one document to another, and edit multiple documents simultaneously while Videoconferencing mode.

Other free / paid tools

Premium Services for SMEs


ILinc is a suite of communication services for the organization of web conferences. The offer is available in four modules and can be adapted to meet your needs: virtual meetings (up to 25 participants), elearning (virtual classroom), webinars (up to 1000 participants).

The three services can be combined into one offer, available for $ 103 / month over one year.

Fuze Meeting

This SaaS virtual audio and videoconferencing tool enables professionals to take conferences from any terminal, share documents and collaborate in real-time.

Among the main features:

The contents can be shared in HD (documents and videos, graphics, etc.)

Support for more than 10 participants in multitasking

Interoperability with a wide range of terminals used by videoconferencing participants: laptops, PCs and telepresence devices, as well as smartphones (Android, iOS, BlackBerry).

Price: The basic formula ($ 29 / month) supports up to 25 participants, a call feature for audio conference participants.


This online service combines collaborative work application, and audio conferencing service. It allows professionals to simultaneously share and co-print documents online.

The basic package offers, starting at $ 19.95 / month, conferences with a host and up to 25 participants, with a limited number of calls. The website

Other offers from web conferencing

MegaMeeting: declined in three paying offers, this service is reserved for SMEs. The basic offer supports up to 300 participants, the ability to organize 3 meetings simultaneously, and create 7 different host accounts.