The video call was born in 1936, with a closed circuit of television established between the German post office, Postzentralamt Reich, and other cities, although it was not until the decade of 1980 when the digital networks of telephony transmission were established definitively, ensuring a Minimum acceptable speed. Finally, over the next decade, IP-based video conferencing became possible, with more effective video compression technologies, enabling video calls from personal computers.

Today, most people have made a video call for both personal and professional issues. For some years, we can realize them from our mobile phones, with any 3G connection that we have. More and more applications offer these services to its users, although for many there is a great way to go for them to offer optimal quality.

WhatsApp is a widely popular instant messaging app with its secure and convenient messaging service. However, after Facebook acquired WhatsApp, users have been worried that their personal data may be shared in Facebook. Many of them have given up whatsApp and have been looking for WhatsApp’s alternative applications for their phones. This article will list five popular and secure alternative messaging applications to WhatsApp.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives that are becoming increasingly popular and used for both business and personal reasons. It offers the best instant messaging and video conferencing call service in a very high name. If you are interested in highly specialized group video conferencing calls, ezTalks Cloud Meeting is undoubtedly your best choice.

You can choose its free version which enables you to host a group video conferencing call with up to 100 people to participate, but if you want to invite up to 500 people, you need to spend a small sum of money to upgrade to its paid version and enjoy the most amazing service. To make your video conferencing call effective and efficient, this WhatsApp alternative provides you with many useful features, such as HD video, crystal audio, easy screen sharing, online whiteboard sharing, instant text messaging, meeting scheduling, meeting recording for playback in the future.