9 alternatives to join.me video conferencing

Anymeeting: This online videoconference platform allows you to create your own webinars and even, share documents, Excel, PowerPoint or web pages. It is a very complete tool for imparting online seminars. Anymeeting is very easy to handle. Just create an account and automatically create your virtual space in which to keep your meeting online.

Skype: It is undoubtedly one of the best known tools to keep a videoconference online and do it for free, but did you know that since the beginning of the year you have an option for companies? Its name is Skype for Business and although it is paid, its cost is very low (1.70 euros per month) and allows you to hold online meetings of up to 250 people ensuring quality and safety in working communications. The latest news from Skype is that it already allows videoconferencing without the need to register. Do you know how Skype guest mode works?

Access the main menu

Select Start a conversation.

Enter your username and give it to accept.

Skype will generate a code (only lasts 24 hours) that you must send to the people with whom you want to talk.

Appear.in: As simple as to access the web, create a virtual room where you will hold the video conference online, send the link to the person with whom you are going to keep the chat online and everything ready for the online meeting. It is completely free and you do not have to register to use this platform in which you can chat with up to eight people.

Google Hangouts: As simple as having a Gmail account to start an online conferencing with one or several people to which you can also invite the meeting, share documents and access from the call itself to the option to send comments or share screens so that All is clear.

BlueJeans: This is an online video conferencing platform for companies that is developed in the Cloud and that, as advantages offers the possibility of connecting to an online chat in progress, integrate up to 25 people in the online meeting, show documents and presentations, participate From the mobile or record a copy of the conversation to play later. The most advanced services are paid, but you have a free 14-day Bluejeans test that you can find very useful to test the tool.

Webex: Offers you an online videoconferencing service developed by Cisco. The tool will allow you to conduct online meetings, as well as give lectures, courses and events through the Internet. With good image and sound settings, Webex can also be used on mobile devices.

PalTalk: It was one of the first platforms for online videoconferencing. The tool gives you the opportunity to choose between making a video conference or using one of your multiple video chats that you have.

Meetingburner: This platform allows you the option of accessing a free version with which you can invite up to ten people to an online videoconference. It also has a paid version in which other resources such as the option to perform webinars are activated.

Videolink2.me: Simple, free allows you to connect with your clients or relatives in a direct and without registration of accounts, since you only have to send them a link to start the online video conference