In this digital age, for many, the Internet has become a center of work. Precisely, and the complexities that employees can find to communicate with their bosses when doing a job from their computers, have emerged tools that allow a communication between people as if they were in one place.

Here we show you six applications that allow you to share screen of your desktop. The objective? Facilitate the work of remote interaction and have online meetings without further complications.

Let’s see:

1.Screen Leap

It is one of the easiest tools to use. Just go to the site and register. Then, go to the Share Your Screen Now button and download the Java application that requires you to run. Automatically a link will appear that you should send to the person you want to share the desktop with, and that’s it. You will be surprised to discover that it is very easy to use.

2.ezTalks Video Conferencing

ezTalks Video Conferencing is considered one of the best software to share computer screens along with scheduling video conferencing between remote participants. One of the many features of this software include free screen sharing option which makes it ideal for those who want to communicate and interact between remote participants to organise and attend online meetings. While attempting to share computer screen you can also create and share graphs to make your presentation easy-to-understand by using its whiteboard tool. actually main advantages of this screen sharing tool include effectiveness and convenience as it also allows you to avoid any one or all the participants of the online meeting, if you want to do something not related to them during the call, by muting them.


It’s a fabulous application that you can find as an extension of Google. Vyew not only allows you to share your desktop screen: It also gives you the possibility to chat, send files, use web cam and talk to other people via the Internet. The functions of this tool are oriented to distance education. To use it you must register. Then you must share, with the user that you connect, a link and the access code that is generated.

4.Team Viewer

It’s free to download. With Viewer it is necessary that the users involved install this application in their computers. When this happens, a small screen with all the options to interact will appear. There is the button Invite, where, when pressed, you will get the codes that you should share with others. You can also share files and chat with audio and chat.

It has a free version and a paid version. Join is more accommodating to professional work, but the interaction options are similar to those mentioned with previous applications. So you can chat and have meetings online. To use it, you must go to Share. When you do this, a screen will appear with which you can manage your conversations, so you must share the link that is generated.

6.Cross Loop

This tool allows you to share screen, transfer documents and, in addition, to be able to execute Word, Excel and Power Point. To use it you must start the program. Then you will be asked for an id with which you will identify to others and automatically generate the link that you should share.


It is another proposal to share desktop. It allows to interact like the other tools, but can not perform file transfer. To use it you must register. Once this is done, you will see how easy it is to handle it. One important limitation is that the sessions you take do not last more than 30 minutes.

8.Skype: Although many users report problems, the truth is that Skype offers this feature of great utility to display and share screen. It is free for individual calls and for group calls Skype Premium is running.

9.Google+: One of the functions of known hangouts is the screen share software to share the screen, other users can see what appears on the screen of your computer. To share the screen we must follow these steps:

Click Share Screen at the top of the screen.

In the window that appears, choose the desktop or window that we want to display.

And then click on Share selected window.

To stop sharing the screen we will only click on Share screen at any time.