Cloud video conferencing compared to the advantages of traditional meetings

1.reduce costs

Cloud conference using the SaaS video conferencing rental model, companies do not need to buy additional hardware, no special network deployment, without IT technical support. In the actual use of the flexibility to choose the required business, pay on demand, reduce corporate IT construction and operating costs, the cost of a year is like a ticket money.

2.Multi-terminal, cross-platform support

With the development of mobile Internet and the popularity of BYOD, enterprises face the challenges of terminal equipment diversification. Therefore, the video conferencing system also need to support the desktop PC, notebook computers, smart phones, tablet PCs and other terminal equipment and application platform. The cloud meeting can be through the terminal device browser or application to achieve the conference access, the real meeting anytime, anywhere.

3.Support external meetings and large conferences

The cloud conference platform based on the “public cloud” can meet the needs of external meetings. Compared to the traditional enterprise video conferencing system self-built, cloud video conferencing can not only meet the external meeting, its powerful performance can also support more than a thousand large meetings.

4.Avoid interoperability problems

Traditional internal self-built video conferencing systems are often lacking in interoperability. While some video conferencing vendors are improving the problem, moving video conferencing to the cloud has allowed companies to throw interoperability issues to cloud videoconferencing vendors to avoid incompatible devices.