The benefits of Internet sharing with someone are countless: to provide some technical help, to do a joint work, to proceed with an explanation … In this way, several people can be watching the same process at a time and even accompanying it with annotations .

The technical complexity of such a process goes no further than that of a streamed video, so it is not surprising that a large number of services have emerged that allow this task to be performed. So much has advanced the thing, that some options allow to do it without even resorting to the installation of any additional software.

If you are looking for an ideal tool for this, here you have a selection of the best screen sharing software over the Internet. Within your differences, sure that some adapts to your needs.


If you want to share desktop with others as direct as possible, nothing like Screenleap. This solution does not even require installing a client, since from the web browser itself and without having to create an account can perform the process in a matter of seconds. That allows it to be also accessible on mobile devices, provided they have a compatible browser. The only requirement is to have Java and not require a very high quality.


But if you are looking for something that can work more smoothly and you do not want to be installing more programs on your computer, you may be interested to know that Skype has a fairly competent choice for screen sharing. The process can be performed while we are having a conversation with one or more people, although in the case of group calls requires Skype Premium.

ezTalks Video Conferencing

ezTalks Video Conferencing is considered one of the best software to share computer screens along with scheduling video conferencing between remote participants. One of the many features of this software include free screen sharing option which makes it ideal for those who want to communicate and interact between remote participants to organise and attend online meetings. While attempting to share computer screen you can also create and share graphs to make your presentation easy-to-understand by using its whiteboard tool. actually main advantages of this screen sharing tool include effectiveness and convenience as it also allows you to avoid any one or all the participants of the online meeting, if you want to do something not related to them during the call, by muting them.


Of the 4 solutions discussed is undoubtedly the most complete, is one screen sharing app.and in fact is mainly oriented to professional environments. It has a fairly complete free version that allows multi-screen, document sending, remote control and other options that are expanded with the paid version of Available with applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.